Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Spy who sucked at words

For those who do not know that an Indian version of James Bond existed in the comics world apart from the alternate avatar of the most loved spy seen during 80's in some notable Hindi movies and other B and C grade movies. My dad used to tell me about the thrill youngster's got going to a bond movie in those single screen cinemas during his teenage days, was not just limited to watching his dare devilry on screen, but also catching a glimpse of kissing and intimate scenes, a role played by flowers in hindi movies.

India Book House with Star comics had one of the versions of bond comics, down south there were some other publishers who had got rights to original illustrations which they translated into their own version of hilarious English which is worth reading through, the queen could have punished bond for such blasphemy.

Check out this link from which shares some of these comic strips of James Bond, I could think of some hindi dubbed bond flicks which could equally match up with cheesy dialogues in comparison to these comics.

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