Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Horn not OK Please

Sound pollution in cities across the world has become an unbearable menace, in India it has become a way of life for motorists like us who rarely give a thought while transferring their emotions on to the horn in their vehicle.

Over a period of time this habit becomes compulsive and irritates other drivers on road and sometimes results in unnecessary brawls during peak traffic conditions, to counter this situation a startup firm in India has come up with an innovative solution.

A device with a light which beeps and flashes every time you honk making you turn it off and reminding you of your honking habits, slowly making you conscious on how frequently you have being using your vehicle horn.

In the video that follows below this start up team has claimed to reduce superfluous honking by 61% in a test conducted with 30 drivers. Creators of this device, Anand Damani and Mayur Tekchandaney are looking out for support in order to get this concept accepted by car manufacturers and hopefully this should see light of the day in the coming years, even if companies may turn a blind eye towards this concept it may well become a necessity on car dashboards in future.