Sunday, April 21, 2024

Midjourney PixelPlay - Eccentric Characters

I am starting a free prompt-sharing series on various themes. A handful of digital creators on X (erstwhile Twitter) inspired me to learn AI prompting techniques last year. I am thankful to those creators who helped me revive my creative interests.

The first theme I am starting with is based on Eccentric Characters. In this theme, you must consider both the subject and the environment to get the desired visual impact.

Let’s get started

The Clockwork Countess


A whimsical clockwork woman with an air of eccentricity. Her limbs are intricate gears and pistons, and her polka-dotted dress is adorned with tiny clocks and gauges. Tiny birds with clockwork wings flit around her, and the background is a swirling nebula of stardust and time dust. --ar 4:5 --style raw --stylize 750







 The Librarian of Lost Lore


A hunched figure with mismatched limbs and a wild mane of hair is revealed to be a bookworm bard. Musical notes swirl around them like magical sparks, and the background is a fantastical library filled with towering bookshelves that defy gravity. --ar 4:5 --style raw --stylize 750







Culinary Concoction 

A stop-motion animation still featuring an eccentric chef with mismatched utensils for limbs and a stained apron. They stir a bubbling cauldron overflowing with fantastical ingredients – eyeballs, glowing mushrooms, levitating feathers. The background is a bustling kitchen filled with peculiar cookware and strange contraptions. --ar 4:5 --style raw --stylize 750







Dream Weaver

A sleepwalker with flowing, translucent limbs that seem to blend with the dreamlike environment around them. Their attire resembles a starry night sky, with swirling galaxies and constellations forming a cloak. Capture the dreamlike quality with a soft, ethereal brushwork reminiscent of Art Nouveau. --ar 4:5 --style raw --stylize 750





Living Doll 

A porcelain doll with mismatched limbs, cracks spiderweb across their painted face, Their dress is a faded floral pattern, adorned with chipped lace and buttons. Capture the unsettling beauty of a forgotten antique doll with a touch of gothic horror aesthetic. --ar 4:5 --style raw --stylize 350