Sunday, December 01, 2013

Social Itinerary and Civic Issue Management

If you fancy yourselves as a traveller this one should interest you, we all like to visit places of our interest in different ways depending on the type of travel we undertake. Whether travelling with friends or family we like to do some planning on how to reach the venue, which route to take, what's the best time to move, which dhaba or food joint to stop on the way etc etc.

Once your trip was over we used to share our experience among friends earlier, then came the era of blogging and social media which allowed us to open up our experience to like minded travellers who could benefit from our experience and have a smooth journey. There are many internet blogs and forums abundant with such information. At times reading so much material on the internet and leaves you more confused. 

This is where a service like JoGuru comes handy when you want to filter out the right info related to your travel plans in the form of an itinerary, check out an article featured on this portal which explains in detail what this start up from Pune aims to do in making lives easier for globetrotters.

Another site which caught my attention this week is ChangeBhai, this portal allows you to report civic issues along with pictures, was surprised to see some issues reported from Pune already fixed. If such help is available for citizens on internet we should make use of it for overall betterment of our community. Lot of arm chair activists give up when it comes to taking a civic problem heads on and what remains is a diarrhoea of tweets and posts on social media.

Hats off to people who have created this portal and taking issues that concern the common man to the right authorities which may go unnoticed due to social apathy and lack of awareness on methods to deal with such problems.