Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally I'm Connected

My Broadband is finally up and running, thanks to quick and prompt service from airtel broadband, lets hope the connection works well, as my sify connection worked without probs for 2 years but they spoiled my association with them in the last 2 months as i bid their connection adeiu, those freaks were asking me to pay 1500 bucks as i wanted to exhaust my renewal which was in pipeline of Rs 1100.

I was bearing their delay in giving me the connection since last 3 months and they just blew my lid off by asking me to shell out rs 1500 for cabling and installation.

The speed of airtel BB connection is quite impressive, i have not yet tested out the download speeds.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Broadband Dream

Mr Dayanidhi Maran is riding high on BSNL’s dream to provide 2MBPS connection@ Rs 250 a month that’s something revolutionary in field of telecomunnication.

But Mr. Maran going aggressive on increasing broadband connections is not easy, its tough road ahead, also involves risk of deteriorate already overburdened ISP service providers struggling to provide the desired speeds and customer service that’s left much to be desired.

I recently had a bad and infact a really bad experience with sify for shifting my broadband connection it was almost for two months I kept calling their call center ( it’s in Chennai, god save me can’t bear people with heavy, infact very heavy accent)

I finally thought of writing to sify’s topmost head in customer service, and to my surprise I found her email address on sify’s customer care website. I thought my mail would just go in the thrash can just like other customers keep mailing the customer care, I got a call from the access manager of sify the very next day promising me of getting my connection installed, I was not happy of what happened with me in last months in my association with sify, but the follow up and the personal attention which I got from them, makes me think they are difficult to be hated.