Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saif Kareena Tiff story Cooked up


What could have been a regular "nok-jhonk" which happens between every couple, has being cooked up into a story of rising tiff between Saif ali khan and Kareena, using words like "All is not well" , "Kareena angry with Saif"
some news reporter spotted kareena texting frequently on her cell, so this reporter zoomed his camera on to her mobile and found this is what Saif's SMS to Bebo reads - “Sorry baby... was talking about your role only.” Bebo replied, “You were rude, Saif! I am hurt.” watch out for more mindless news specials on Aaj Tak and India TV

It's true that stars and celebreties have no privacy these days and there are so many eyes and cameras ready to snatch the smallest moment of their private lives and splash it in media cooking up spicy and useless stories, which is evident from the controvery that has grown from a simple personal opinion expressed by Sachin Tendulkar which drew ire from the sena cheif, now even this has being published in Saamna and not a verbal attack from sena cheif in personal to sachin, so could this anger vented against sachin be drafted craftfully by the edit team of Saamna, and Sachin till date has never spoken anything on politics, he answered to a question which came from a reporter.

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