Saturday, February 17, 2007

Future Perfect

Bionic Eye Wonder for the Blind

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Ink Less printer's

Ink less printers to be build in digital camera's -- Read article Here

The New Spidey Game On the Block

Watch out the Game Trailer,Visit the site Here

The Vista Makeover Guide.

For those who would still like to stick around with Windows Xp and would like to do a makeover for the current OS to Vista, here’s a guide for all of you which I tried and it has given me satisfactory results which would surely not make you feel left out, in the OS upgrade race.

First start by downloading the Vista Shell Conversion Pack, Vista Inspirat 1.1 from here, if you would like to have a look at the screenshots before downloading, take a look here, The Most stable transformation pack in terms of shell changing software’s is this one.

Once you are done with this download it would change almost everything you notice in Windows Xp, right from the boot up screen, log on screen, your wallpapers, icons, start button, with 4 to 5 vista theme’s, a floating bar with shortcuts to frequently accessed apps like IE, My Documents, quiet a cool one.

Next stop in the conversion process is to download some cool widgets, well if you would have not heard about widgets then take a visit at Yahoo Widgets and Widgipedia both these sites offer you a host of widgets which are popular for streaming music, live weather updates, RSS feeds. I downloaded for myself a Yahoo Widget Engine, which comes equipped with default Weather Widget, Laptop Battery Indicator, CPU memory usage indicator and much more, I then downloaded a Multimedia News reader widget, on which I added all the RSS feeds of my favourite sites from my Google homepage.

Then I also downloaded a Clear Sidebar Widget from Widgipedia which is a really cool Widget that resides on the right side of your computer screen given you instant access to frequently accessed Windows Applications, just in case you do not want the floating bar that would come along with the Shell converting Vista makeover pack.

Well for now this is what I have managed to dig out the makeover process for my Windows Xp, I have not managed to get a Aero technology makeover which vista boasts about, maybe I would not get such an application, however you never know what the net has to offer you, it’s just you need to keep searching.

I would be posting more links based on Vista Makeover and Windows Vista Wallpapers…. Keep reading..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nokia Comes out with New Range of Business Phones

Nokia E61i is more of a pure business phone and so is Nokia E65, Nokia E61i has 2 MP camera, Blackberry connect feature, Mail Exchange Server support.

Nokia E65 is for those who don't want a very Wide Business Phone, with prominent access to frequently accessed apps.

The real winner here could be Nokia E90, a sensible refined version of communicator,which is on Symbian 60 series, instead of Symbian 90 series which has limited apps, and above all FM included, with 3.2 MP camera, which was not required actually

All three models are equipped with 3G and WLAN support.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Samsung F700 to Counter Attack the I-Phone

The F700 mobile phone features a 2.8-inch 440×240 color display, and a QWERTY key pad that slides out at its base. According to Samsung, the inclusion of such a key pad has mainly been for users who are not yet familiar with a touch-screen-only user interface.

Samsung Ultra Smart F700 mobile phone also features a 5-megapixel camera. Here, Samsung definitely has a one-up over Apple’s iPhone, which has a 2-megapixel camera. LG also has launched another "Smart Phone" recently named LG Prada, which is going to be priced around $770 and I-Phone to be priced between $499 - $ 599, Price of this samsung model is not yet known. Where's Nokia gone ???

WoW…. What’s the big deal

It’s time Microsoft started taking the Indian market seriously; today I was just watching the WoW Vista show on Star Plus for the launch of Windows Vista in India. This was not the story at the time of launch of Windows Xp, it was just like another launch fair, which I was a part of, at that time around 6 to 7 years back, can’t even remember the exact year, both AMD, Intel had set up stalls promoting Windows XP, no stars, no anchors, it’s the other way round this time, Microsoft is already battling the problem of piracy in Asia, India would play a significant role in success of this launch of new OS from Microsoft in the Asian Continent.

We tend to take whatever comes from the Redmond Giant blindly in terms of OS, Well for me Windows Vista is nothing more than visual jazz, it boasts of superior performance however you would need a major computer overhaul if you were still happy with Windows XP, then be so… Windows Vista would demand at least 512 Ram for the basic Home Version and for a good feature enabled Windows Vista I may suggest the Home Premium version.

Even computer magazines have given a clean chit to Vista, for what all that Visual Jazz ?? while they still write in the articles that on Intel Dual Core machine it would still take more time for apps to open than on Windows XP with a current configuration

I am not very clear on the price of this OS, for the Home Premium version, which may cost around 15,000 to 16,000 bucks as I read on some Indian online shopping sites, Windows Vista Ultimate would take the steam out of your machine, I have used a Windows Vista Shell Converter on my laptop, for now which gives me almost the same visual feeling to that of Windows Vista except few widgets and other visual jazz that Vista has to offer.

However recently when our office decided to move on to Open Office replacing MS-Office, even we found it difficult to move on without that MS-office feeling, actually Microsoft has a strong hold in terms of ease of use in it’s products for which it prices it’s products on a very high range and that’s not affordable in India for all computer users. This encourages the piracy to thrive and come what may, Microsoft may claim that they have hacked proof Windows Vista, its already with it’s launch hackers have busted open vista with reports floating on internet about a flaw being detected with Windows Vista.

So going ahead Windows Vista would also have to encounter the same fate as other MS-OS have faced, Piracy…. People on the internet have devised tricks and hacks to overcome Microsoft Genuine campaign, today I don’t feel it appealing enough to upgrade to MS-IE 7, or Windows Media Player 11 as I have other better options Microsoft, and why on the earth they thought of launching Zune, which was touted as a I-Pod killer, it did not kill anything, it just made another addition to already overcrowded Mp3 player market.

As Microsoft had the first mover advantage in terms of OS, so has the Apple Inc with I-pod and the I-pod mania continues to live. If Microsoft wants to succeed in India, It will have to work hard on pricing, rather than educating people about not buying pirated software.. If it’s heavy on my pocket I don’t care what effort has gone into developing Vista.