Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to India documentary: Legacy of Jugaad

I can't remember if I have watched an inspiring documentary like this in recent times, opening up a view of Indian people's resilience to thrive in whatever situation they are, if you feel life has being unfair to you in any ways, there's a lot to learn from the characters shown in this documentary series, keeping aside of all they do and where they live and how they survive.

What you get to understand is that our dreams may never fall short of what we want to achieve and it presents us with opportunities to realise those dreams, only if we are ready to pick ourselves up from any obstacles that may trip us on the way, watch this 3 episode documentary that focuses on everyday lives of common people from cities like Mumbai and Kolkata mainly.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HTC Sensation XL: Does it still pack a punch?

HTC Sensation XL became a sensation with 4.7 inch display and beats audio technology, it has a sleek design with a vivid and vibrant appeal in a 9.9 mm slim phone body that comes with 16 GB Storage. A single core 1.5 GHz may feel outdated however it may be worth considering as an option amongst a slew of mid range android handsets flooding the markets currently.

Music at its best
Audiophiles will go gung- ho about this HTC Sensation with it roping in Beats Audio and it’s in- box customized Beats Headset promising the best sound quality you would have heard. The custom – made headset comes as the icing on the cake wherein the voice seems clearer and the bass, deeper and richer. 
Overall multimedia experience is enriching as the handset is equipped with SRS surround sound as well.

Camera and Video performance
Snapping photos with the 8 mega pixel camera on Sensation XL is swift and produces excellent images, pictures captured look vivid and sharp. As compared to Sensation XE it is able to reduce some level of noise in the images however does not eliminate them completely which is a difficult ask on a mobile camera with small sensors.

The HD camera on phone shoots videos at a resolution of 720p@30fps which is a decent config.

Performance and Battery life
HTC Sensation XL has an added advantage with 768 MB ram combined with 1.5 GHz processor gives you a commendable performance in terms of multitasking on phone, watching HD videos etc.  which is not the case with most mid range android phones that come with 512 MB ram.

This phone provides a smooth experience while using menus, transferring files, switching between apps and browsing is fast enough on HTC Sensation XL. With mixed use of multimedia, browsing with 3G, playing games and calling the battery should last for a day and even with heavy usage battery should last around 6 hours approx. 

Lack of memory slot does hurt overall value offered on this phone, however if you can do with the 16 GB memory and prefer using a sleek and an Android phone with good design without a powerhouse phone to suit your daily smartphone usage requirement, HTC Sensation XL may well fit the bill.

Information Source: Reliance Digital Stores