Thursday, January 03, 2008

Live your dreams & Touch the stars !

"Simple yet Spellbinding" are my words for this movie, Taare Zameen par is not just a movie for children, though it carries a important message for parents, i relate this movie equally to adults as well.

Let me put it this way, how many of us are pursuing careers which relate to our interests, current generation of parents are presumed to be more mature in handling children, but that is not the case always, we end up satisfying dreams and ambitions which our parents could not or our siblings could not achieve.

There are few defining moments in the film which moved me, starting with Ishaan’s bunking school, and roaming free in the city, the real world around him seems to be a better teacher and his mind more open and receptive to know things around him, rather than digging through pages of school books.

As a child even i had maths phobia, i can say i still have, i always had a fear in my mind that my homework should be complete, else i would be punished in front of the class, never felt like living life "bindaas" way as ishaan does, it’s this fear of being socially neglected, punished or being left out that keeps us running endlessly, we keep our dreams and aspirations on a back burner, thinking "there is always another day".

In the film ishaan also happens to go on joy ride in his dreams just to solve 3X9 = 3 for a surprise maths exam, the answer is surely wrong but his imagination is amazing, it’s the same joy ride of our dreams that translates into day dreaming which most of us feel is foolishness, but watching dreams with your eyes open can help at times, since many of us have shut the doors of our minds to keep ourselves engaged in our daily chores.

I also loved the scene before the end of the film, where ishaan set’s off early in the morning from the boarding school, gazing at the colour of the sky, besides a pond he stood watching the moon setting on the horizon, the background score to this scene was amazing.The scene where Ishaan’s parents leave him at the boarding school was emotionally sketched to perfection, the small book of the child showing him go away from his parents was a moving image for me.

The world around us influences our behaviour a lot today as compared to influence of family environment, taking up main stream career’s has being a tradition in our country, though we have started seeing the changes, still non conventional jobs are looked down in our country as compared to other countries where even a person working as a fireman, traffic controller etc. take pride in the work they do.

For me this film is two thumbs up for the subject, cinematography, cast, music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and acting by Darsheel and Aamir even actor’s who portrayed Ishaan’s parents did justice to their roles.

I always keep dreaming of making a grand epic war film based on Mahabharata, gaze at the canvas of sky during evening’s when i am at home or while i am out of office, i have missed shooting snaps of skylines so many times, just wishing i had my camera at that moment to capture that beautiful glory of nature, thinking of creative ads related to products, these thoughts just don’t come at leisure times but even during office hour’s, i let my mind free at times to dream, because you never know your dreams may hel you touch the stars one day..