Sunday, August 09, 2009

Swine Flu Panic - How prepared are we ?
Pune has being in the spotlight on the H1N1 Virus spread in India, the count of positive H1N1 virus cases is growing very fast, adding to the panic factor was the death of 14 year old student Rida Shaikh, who died due to unclear guidelines from the health ministry to tackle this epidemic, confusing statements have being made from the health ministry on the role of Private hospitals in handling H1N1 patients.

This confusion has added to the frenzy amongst people in Pune who are swarming to test centers even if they have normal cough and cold, today's Times of India newspaper had a good quote on swine flu issue under the "water cooler" moment column, the number of deaths swine flu has caused has made many people wear masks, comparatively the number of people dying from AIDS is way much higher, still people don't like to wear the rubber?, GOOD ONE.

WHO predicts that Swine Flu is here to stay and it cannot be eradicated completely, even if the vaccine for H1N1 Virus is developed, the only good part for us would be that i would curb it's further spread, epidemic scares are not new, to human race, India has faced plague issues many times.

Media channels as usual are milking this issue for TRP's, in the guise of making people aware of swine flu issues, there is no genuine effort to educate people about the do's and dont's to prevent swine flu, news channels would keep reporting the number of patients and apathy of government in dealing with this situation, whereas nothing much can be done about it, since we are staying in India, Human life is no value to some politician, or a health department, if i die due to swine flu or some one else dies, it's going to be in news for some days, later is business as usual, life as usual.