Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need of Private Power Company

Maharashtra state electricity board is in a hapless condition, there seems to be some kind of a temporary halt to load shedding from last 2 weeks in Pune the time Ganesh festival began, don't know how long it would continue this way, however i stay under group C area of load shedding for MSEDCL in Pune, so the total load shedding for this area is 7.15 hours, i was wondering when should one do their household chores, since i spend at least 8 hours in sleep, 9 hours in office, so balance 7 hours at home i should spend without power due to low capacity power generating plants of MSEB, and it's inability to curb power theft.

MSEDCL has erratic power cut schedule, so you keep wondering when the power would go and this erratic poer cut schedule also at times causes damage to electrical equipments at home which these government goons are not going to pay up to anyone.

I believe we cannot stay in a world where in name of subsidised power we keep bearing such issues year on year where the state run power corporation is unable to meet power demands of growing cities, unless citizens would not bear the brunt of high cost power made available through private players wasting of power would not stop, also private companies would bring in at least some mode of transparency in it's operation, if power goes off with MSEB you cannot abuse or scream at government officials,  it's useless they are least bothered, at least you may find some cushioning to your bursting anger with a contact center of a private operator.

A solution has to be worked out between private and state run power companies to supply power to city areas comprising of consumers with a capacity to pay for uninterrupted power supply and continue supplying power to areas known to have consumers from low income group and poor category which cannnot afford high cost of power through the state run power group, industries malls, shops and establishments should be given an open opportunity to choose their power supplier, since they would choose it from their capacity to pay up for power needs of their business.

Mumbai has seen reliance power take over majority of the power supply apart from suburbs though costly but trouble freel, consumers did repel initially but for now at least they do not have to suffer power cuts.

The frustration within me is growing so badly, however cannot do anything, as the situation is going to grow grim ahead as well, till the time we see some development on the nuclear energy front, lets hope 123 nuclear deal agreement does some good to India.

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