Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Apple’s iOS7 reveal – was it really “iConic”?


Apple revealed a refreshed version of iOS 7 at the WWDC 2013 event on 10th June, enough to get social media channels buzzing again with views and opinions. Catching up to Android and also drawing inspiration from other mobile OS'es is clearly evident from this reveal and the new skin looks dressed up more like a bubble gum color scheme, this is what you can come up with Jonathan Ive? Head to mycolorscreen and you would see how creative people can get on Android. Apple’s iOS eco system does not offer even a fraction of such flexibility to fiddle with.
(Know more about how you can customize your Android phone here)
Taking a jab at Android’s fragmentation is becoming outdated debate, Android is available across multiple vendors on different handset models which have variety in phone specifications that allow Android’s penetration at so many price points.
You cannot run Windows 7 or Windows 8 smoothly on a Celeron processor today, there are so many customers across globe who still want to stick to Windows XP even after MS decided to phase out all support for this OS, what matters is even with that outdated OS the power of computing reaches out to so many people and same goes for Android, Would Apple allow a company like Micromax to port iOS on its low cost tablet and share profit’s with them? Answer is a clear NO. It is beyond logic to expect Jelly Bean to run on all Android handsets or tablets.
Apple sells just one iPhone which is always priced as a luxury product when a new one comes out, they found strong consumer base in US and European market and have being more or less happy with that maintaining their walled garden of iOS all this while.
Only recently Apple has started marketing iPhone strongly in India in partnership with local vendors, launching EMI schemes that have worked for this Cupertino giant, when it comes to product innovation Apple has got some breathing space to take a lead on Android as Samsung has stuck to just one design and look across its entire recent Galaxy series launch recently and there was no new Nexus device announced at Google I/O 2103 event.
While iOS 7 reveal was in progress, one could make out that next iPhone could very well come close to a 5 inch screen size and get little wider as well, which would prove to be a positive move, rumors are also floating about Apple launching a low cost iPhone which is very unlikely.
Anyways check JB OS7 skin made by a user – Shmogt, he has come up with a set of files which allow you to make your Android phone resemble iOS 7 (requires additional app downloads from Google Play to enable the entire look and feel), I have used theme pack files made available by this user and managed to get the iOS7 look on my Galaxy S4 (video clip below)
On a lighter note, here's a meme on what could have happened after the iOS 7 reveal