Monday, January 15, 2007

Movie Review: Guru

Mani Ratnam tells a exciting story through a aspiring gujju businessman who emerges as a winner in life, this is what I felt about guru, abhishek bacchan has shown that he has grown quite well in his stature as an actor, with aishwaraya getting a sensible role in this movie, good that she did not try anything silly like dhoom 2, Rajiv Menon’s camera work is splendid, however Mr Mani ratnam has failed to give our gujju bijness man “Guru Kant Desai” a proper gujju village, my god the shooting of his home town idhar is done somewhere in madurai or kerela…

I felt one or two songs in the movie were unnecessary and lengthened the movie, which was nearly about 4 hours.

Mani ratnam has created a period movie with proper detailed study, mithun, r madhavan have being given suitable roles, I think vidya balan could have being given a more extended role.

Watch the movie for the effort mani ratnam has put in telling the story of a aspiring villager turning into a great businessman, he has made the story in a practical way not glorifying the character but his thinking.