Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 Amazing Windows Vista Themes for XP

windows vista theme for xp

3 Amazing Windows Vista Themes for XP |

Airtel’s “limited” unlimited plans

Aisi "AZAADI" aur kahan ;-), well ISP services are turning sinister, agreed that internet users across globe abuse unlimited download services like anything, however in india the case is different, even with a 256 kbps unlimited connection i hardly dare to watch videos on you tube or any other form of streaming entertainment, becasue it just keeps lagging, i have never faced any problem with the uptime of my airtel broadband connectivity, but QoS of my connection is just 40%, so zip zap zoom broadband in India is going to remain a dream, with 3G technology still evasive in telecom sector, Broadband internet in India still remains a big JOKE

PC World India: Airtel’s “limited” unlimited plans