Thursday, March 15, 2012

Storytelling at it's best : Kahaani Movie Review

Vidya Balan is going from strength to strength riding high on success of The Dirty Picture, she has delivered a stunning performance yet again in Kahaani. A special mention to director Sujoy Ghosh who spins a gripping plot that would keep you hooked on this movie right from the start until the last frame. Sujoy Ghosh places Kolkata city as a central character to the heart of his story. A city on the constant move like any other cosmopolitian place, deep rooted with it's culture, alive from the wide and crowded roads to the small by lanes.

Movie plot is well paced, never a dull moment in fact I can't remember if any hindi movie had kept me so anxious during some scenes in recent past. Vidya Balan accompanied by Parambrata Chatterjee acting as the soft hearted cop extending help to Vidya find his husband compliments Vidya's role aptly. While the movie has lot's of twists and turns I'm not revealing any spoilers here. It is a must watch movie if you like good cinema which is a rare treat for Bollywood audience. What I liked the most in the movie is the way in which director captures different sides to the city of Kolkata and the last frame of an idol of Maa Durga being immersed into water that left me spellbound following from a background narration by Amitabh Bachchan.

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