Friday, July 06, 2012

Follow Indian Television Show TRP's

If you are an avid TV buff you can track and follow TRP ratings and program trends of Indian television shows from the above two websites, these websites have forums that allow discussion with fans alike.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Project Hinglish - Incredible India

Tourists visiting India now have an innovative way to familiarize themselves with Hindi language through the hinglish project which is India Incredible initiative. A font design that super imposes roman letter on hindi character, tries to make it easy for tourists to read and interpret the meaning hindi script, though it may not help completely to improve hindi speaking skills.

In my opinion it is still a good start to help tourists because Hindi is not primary language spoken across states and reading sign boards on highway and cities in local languages makes it more difficult. This ad below commissioned by DDB Mudra Group also won gold lion award at Cannes Lions 2012 function.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Saving the culture of Street Painting in India

Growing up to the sight of hand painted banners of advertisements and movie posters is embedded in our art culture and almost synonymous to street art of our country. As times progressed digital printing replaced this form of art now on the verge of being phased out completely. You would hardly spot hand painted banners across city skylines or walls and the artists who nurtured this skill are facing hard times.

HandPaintedType is one such project that aims to preserve the typographic art of street painters of India, this initiative is documenting and digitizing their typefaces which is a really encouraging concept, you can visit this site here for more details, We never happened to notice this missing piece of fading trend, if not preserved our upcoming generations would never be able to identify themselves with this form of art.

Painter Kureshi from hanif kureshi on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Skateboarding in India - The Golden Triangle Project

I am not into skateboarding, however really like the energy from moving frames of this video that captures striking features of Indian street life, don't miss the image of kid with running nose and a monkey cap. This video has being made by Boris Proust from Mo'Fo Productions, this video clip is just the teaser.

The Golden Triangle from Mo'Fo' on Vimeo.

Monday, July 02, 2012

KreativeByte - 2 July 2012

1) All-in-one, foldable laptop, tablet and multimedia screen, visit here to know more about myRolltop

2) A small pocket sizes dongle that converts any TV into a smart TV, check this out here

3) Samsung S Health launched for Galaxy SIII, read more about this here

4) Create Dynamic Websites from your iPhone or iPad, read more about Webr app

Infographic: A Potboiler of Indian Music

If you were to read a lengthy write up of Indian Music, you would probably stop before even starting to get into the details, check out this infographic image that depicts a colorful potboiler of Raga's into one image called Raag Rang.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Stunning Illustration of Lord Ganesha

I really liked this illustration of Lord Ganesha made by an artist from Thailand Saryth Chareonpanichkul, he has put up interesting collection of mythological illustrations.

Most images of Lord Ganesha depict him in serene form, this one looks more like the raudra swaroop of Ganesha. Check out the Deviant Gallery of this artist.

Additional Lord Ganesha images which you can set as wallpapers

Viral Video - Mesmerizing Indian Dancer

This one is surely make you go ROFL, Dancing at Indian weddings in known to bring out hidden talent amongst the unexpected  lot of guests too, this guy also seems to have found the right moment to dance like no one's watching all along, eyes closed ;-)

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