Monday, March 19, 2007

Addition to my tech stuff….

I purchased a View sonic 19” Widescreen monitor, Artis 6600R FM 5.1 Speakers and got a I-pod shuffle as a prize in a contest. The I-pod shuffle I got is a 2nd gen, 1 GB I-pod and is sleek and has cool looks, however it failed to appeal me and I really wonder how the world has gone crazy behind this white stuff..

I had to download the I-tunes 7 version from the apple site... then transferring songs from my pc to my i-pod was not that hard however had to take care of some settings initially in the I tunes software. The headphones provided by I-pod are below average quality, I started doubting the player’s capability to reproduce good sound quality… later on I plugged in my Sony walkman earphones which gave me good sound clarity and that’s it I have not being using this player much as somehow it still does not appeal me, I had an opportunity to hear songs from a Sony W810i phone, the audio quality and bass reproduction was awesome, I-pod is no match in front of it.

I read the review about Artis 5.1 speakers in digit this month and found these speakers to be packed with great features, also I had heard sounds from Artis speakers previously in some shops and public places and I always found their sound quality impressive, I cancelled my plans to go for a basic creative 5.1 inspire speakers, where in was getting a good deal from a kunhar peripherals dealer in pune, this dealer was near dagdu sheth temple in pune in a old wada type mansion.. got free home delivery.. the speakers were priced at 8500 bucks in the digit review I got it for 6850 bucks..

Setting up the speakers was easy, connected it to my Tata Sky DTH digicomp and sound quality on star movies, HBO, MTV, Channel V was awesome, I watched Alexander movie on it last Tuesday and I could notice difference in the sound quality of my Philips Music system and this speakers, the surround effect was good and the sound ambience was also impressive.

Still I have not being able to set up the speakers with proper combination with my LG DVD player which is 5.1 channel enabled DVD, it plays only on two speakers when I set it on 5.1 channel mode and plays sound on all 5 speakers when I set it at 2.1 channel mode. These speakers come along with a manual which is self explanatory, quiet a bunch of AV cables and AM & FM aerials.

Also I dumped my 15” Samsung monitor which was still performing since 1999 and without any problems, I was itching to upgrade my monitor at least to a LCD 17” category.. I read review on Benq FWp92 version which was 19” widescreen monitor priced at 13,000 bucks… I then shifted my plan to upgrade to a good 19” widescreen model. I found out that the Benq product was not sturdy build wise and did not reproduce great colours and contrast. I then zeroed on to two models one from Viewsonic and other from Asus, finally opted for Viewsonic 19” model. I got the monitor at 11,000 bucks from a Rashi Peripherals dealer at market yard area in Pune near swargate.

The wide screen experience is engaging while playing games like NFS carbon, Brian Lara Cricket 05, The Punisher which I am playing right now.. the screen settings are extensive with both manual and automatic adjusting mode. The monitor delivers both on performance and looks.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nokia 77

Nokia has launched another Symbian OS 60 series phone with DVBH enabled technology, seems to be quiet a cool phone.. have a look at pics and video of the phone

Nokia N77 Key Features

.Watch real live TV based on DVB-H on the go
.Wide 2,4”QVGA screen with up to 16 M colors
.Mobile TV application for selection, purchase and consumption of TV programs
.Replay of TV programs
.Set reminders via the Program Guide
.Enjoy TV and music with high quality stereo speakers
.Take up to around 1500songs with you on a optional up to 2GB memory card

Its the 3GSM World Congress in Spain & Finland and Nokia has 5 new offerings including the exciting N77 a phone and multimedia computer that offers Live TV on demand.

Of course you'll need an operator that supports DVB-H technology (and there ain't a lot) for you to get Live TV to work. According to, Digital Video Broadcasting (Handheld) has currently been launched in Albania, Italy, the US and believe it or not Vietnam. Finland, France, Russia, and Spain are following suit this year.

If you are one of the countries listed above than you can enjoy Live TV on the Nokia N77 phone's 2.4-inch QVGA screen. Built-in software also allows you to select and purchase TV programs for replay later on.

The phone is also a digital music player with support for the popular MP3, AAC, and WMA formats and comes with FM radio all of which you can enjoy via the built-in stereo speakers or bundled stereo headset.

The Nokia N77 is shaped like the Nokia 73 but appearance wise looks a bit more serious (or boring depending on how you look at it) with a plain coat of black on its front.

Also in front is one of two integrated cameras (this one for video calls) the other on its back is a 2 megapixel camera with 16x digital zoom.

The phone can story up to 2GB on an optional microSD card, otherwise it comes built in with 20MB of internal memory. Nokia hasn't announced yet how big a card it is bundling with the device.

The Nokia N77 phone is compatible with 3G, EDGE and GSM (triband) networks and runs on Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition.

Watch the video here

Apple's Vintage I-phone

Here's a pic of a phone design patented by Apple way back in the year 1982, seems really innovative but weired wanna carry a apple in ur pocket ??
DD to partner with Nokia for Mobile TV broadcast

Now Nokia has signed a deal with Prasar Bharti to broadcast TV on mobile phones, currently in India Nokia N92 is one such phone available in market capable of receiving television broadcast via DVBH technology.. there was another model Nokia 7710 for which manufacturing has stopped. Read here

Well no one would ideally be interested in watching DD channels on his's some new launches from Nokia, they just seem to be unstoppable in launching new phones...also a look at competitors for Apple i-phone.