Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reality show now showing "Reality" ?

There is some real crap on air these days, in addition to the regular crap shown by news channels, when they run out of ideas, everything that happens around you turns into breaking news, shows like Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, Sach ka Saamna are given special shows on channels like India TV and Aaj Tak, it's like a small recap of episodes one can watch if they miss watching the main show, an indirect way of boosting TRP's

Well the controversy that has turned ugly is of Splitsvilla 2, Wonder why contestants like Swagata, Varun and Nailini are coming out with allegations after the show is over, and even if the contestants on show could have got personal with the staff, what has any one got to do with it, who cares, if there is some MMS of some contestant released, why make a fuss of what someone does in his/her private life, these contestants are just trying to grab some eyeballs, some cheap publicity stunt probably, news channels would use them for their TRP's for few days and for the coming days, they would be one's running around in court trying to prove their allegations correct of what they have told to press and on TV.

I have learned this lesson very well in life, there is nothing that you think is right or wrong for the person doing that thing, you have your morals, keep it to yourself, if you try correcting things around you according to your morals, you will fail, and be hated for what you are trying to do.

Things like RTI, press are like a illusion in the name of meduims to bring out the truth, nothing will change, these things not just exist in glamour world but all walks of life, in personal relationships, at academics, work, some things are better left untouched and even if you try changing them be ready to face the music, becuase showing guts is not enough, facing the storm post it is what matters.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the creative minds - Designer's Couch

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I'm Bakk

Yes, i actually drifted away from my blog for quite a long time i suppose,  have being keeping busy with lot of other things, my kid is turning 1 year old this Friday so this whole month i have being busy making the celebration arrangements, also i was twittering a lot which i realized i needed to control, anyways i'm back to blogging