Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 - Lookback at the Environment

Take a look at the events that impacted our environment in the year 2010, link here

Top 10 Sleeper Movie Hits of 2010

List put up by Hollywood Reporter, check out the link here

Year 2010 in Review

Nice Interactive info graphic to check out the important events of the year 2010

A wonder called "Pixar"

A collection of some interesting clips from the Pixar movies, goes to show the stellar array of animation movies this studio has produced and has got us spell bound, this montage has being developed by a 21 year old film maker Leandro Copperfield a young Brazilian filmmaker spent 11 days watching Pixar's assorted films, painstakingly selecting the more than 500 clips that make up this touching ode to Pixar Studios.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nokia N8 - Themes, Wallpapers, Apps and more

Nokia has quite a good collection of applications on the Ovi Store for Nokia N8, if you are still searching for some good themes and wallpapers for Nokia N8 here's a collection of some links which i found on the web for Nokia N8

Anything Nokia

Nokia N8 Applications

N Series Themes

Symbian Tweet

Best Nokia Themes

On Smart Phone


Download Android style theme | Iphone Style theme here

Facebook Home Screen Widget

Facebook Style theme for Nokia N8

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