Thursday, December 24, 2009

Average Net User now Spending 13 Hours Online a week

The time an Average US Internet user would spend way back in 1999-2002 was around 7 hours in a week which has now increased up to 13 hrs a week, The age group that spent the most time online per week: 30- to 39-year-old, at 18 hours. This rise in consumption of internet services has happened due to multiple devices now available to access internet, and increase in activities like shopping online and watching television online, read more on this here

Netbook Sales Rise in Year 2009

Portable computing trend has shifted heavily in favor of Netbooks in the year 2009, Netbook sales saw 72% growth from year 2008 and in comparison Notebook revenue was down by 7% as compared to 2008 sales revenue, Netbooks have found a place of their own in the portable computing market and would not be causing a permanent dent in the Notebook segment, as by next year their sales would also start to normalize, Notebook manufactureres have being actively slashing prices across year 2009 and would continue to pack in more features with improved versions of hardware configs in the year 2010, read more on this here

Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar Movie Review

I went to watch Avatar Movie with great excitement and some curiosity, and the movie surpassed my expectations by and far, James Cameron has again worked a wonder out of this movie, he truly belongs to the league of Movie Makers who would probably not churn a movie title year after year but when they do make a movie, it would change the rules of the game and raise the bar for the others.

Avatar also could become the turning point in movie making, the way Terminator and Titanic set new standards for Hollywood film making, here's a summary to the movie story, Jake Scully (Sam Wothington) is a disabled Marine who signs up for the Avatar program to replace his scientist brother who is now dead Jake travels to Pandora, the lush moon of Polyphemus which is inhabited by humanoid species called Na'vi, Jake is supposed to join Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) while as a marine he still reports security chief Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) who along with Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) are interested to drive the Native's out of their home for mining Unobtainium.

Jake Scully goes on a science mission with grace and her team, he gets lost in the jungle and from here on he enters the Na'vi world, gets into their group and has a change of heart, where he decides to be with them, he  was supposed to spy for the human's and give them intel on how they could pursue the Natives to leave the place they were staying, however the security cheif and the corporate baron have other plans and they jump into action by blowing up Na'vi home. Jake now decides to defend this race, and the movie roll's on to spectacular fight ahead, shot with great camerawork.

The first half of the movies makes you enjoy the fantasy land James has created in his story you get to explore the Pandora Landscape which is a feast to your eyes, it's not just about the CGI, James is successful to make you beleive that such worlds could exist and the scale of detailing the alien world is amazing second best to the landscape shown by george lucas in his Star Wars flicks. also you are able to connect to the chracters in the story before you roll in to the second half of the story which is fast paced and loaded with action.

There are defining moments in the movie which are equally high on emotions weaved perfectly to thhe story along with the technical brilliance, it's an rare amalgamation of fantasy extraterrestrial landscapes with cutting edge CGI, all bound into the high-testosterone camerawork. The story easily makes you hate the Human Race and feel for the Pandora Inhabitants, Indirectly it touches many points to our current issues like mindless destruction of the nature for corporate gains, waging fake wars and use of military to snatch natural resources, also displaying the human nature of exploiting the resources available on hand which shows that even if we found another planet to live after we have destroyed earth, we would still continue displaying our savage nature in the new home if we get.

This Movie is 3 hour long and you would not mind the length of the movie as you would be engrossed enough to come out of Avatar which is a cinematic brilliance, Music by James Horner is also good, no matter how beautiful a dream is you have to wake up, and for sure you would be content to leave the cinema hall having to worth to your ticket money, don't miss this one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chevrolet BEAT

I had posted pics of Chevrolet BEAT here on my blog on Dec 4, re-posting the details as i got to know the name of this Car today which i guessed was probably from the Chevrolet Stable, and yes it is a Chevrolet BEAT which i saw on a test drive at Mumbai Pune Expressway on 28 Nov 09.

Chevrolet Beat is going to be launched mostly Next month while it features in the upcoming Auto Expo this car is going to be placed in a Price Band of Rs 3.5 - 5 Lakhs, and a possibility of 3 variants to this model, the car hood behind gives it a sporty look and the design of this car is mostly similar to it's international version, it's a B Segment Hatchback touted to give competition to Maruti Ritz, Hyundai i10. Chevrolet had a good run in terms of sales with Spark and it's the right time they found a successor to Spark to maintain the presence in Indian market and grow ahead on their offerings to the evolving car market in our country, This car had featured in the Transformers 2 Flick also this year, check the pics at my album here

Take a look at this video review from CNB Show aired on NDTV