Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost Season 4 – Finally some answers

I have being following television series LOST from the mid episodes of season 1, the show has now entered season 4 and for some it may seem to be a drag, but I am still enjoying watching each episode of this series and the greed to watch some more does not go.

I have being watching season 4 on the web, since it is yet to be broadcasted in India, the most moving episode of this season was the 5th episode which revolves around the life of Desmond Humes. This episode unveils many answers to questions that lot’s of viewers could be having about the mystery of the Island.

This episode reveals few things like:

1) The island is definitely a mysterious place cloaked with a cover of magnetic waves, similar to mystery that shrouds Bermuda triangle, as Frank ( Pilot from freighter), Desmond & Syed fly into dark stormy clouds, the helicopter dashboard indicators go haywire.

2) Faraday ( One of the members from freighter group ) observes some time lapse on the island and the outside world.

3) Distance between the island and the freighter boat is just of 20 mins of air travel, still Desmond, Syed and Frank take more than a day to reach the freighter from the island.

4) While Desmond is doing memory travel from past to future between year 1996 & year 2004, he happens to visit a auction session where parry’s dad win a bid of a strange book of a sailor who happens to be lost on some kind of an island and it’s only the book which is found, the whole crew with the ship and sailor is lost.

5) The guy who is announcer to the bid also says the content of the book is known to no one else the family members of the sailor.

6) It’s here we can relate to a ancient ship that was discovered during season 1 of lost by the crash survivors who got the gun powder to blow up the hatch where Desmond was staying, could this be the ship of the sailor who got lost on this island.

7) Now during season 4 you would discover that only 6 oceanic flight survivors come back home, the fate of rest is unknown, They are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayed & Sun, the sixth character is still unknown.

8) Also Desmond acquired a power to foresee future after he survived the hatch implosion, since he got exposed to high level of radiation, it gave him this power, well the moment he left the island and was heading towards the freighter he started moving to and fro in time, which is dangerous for him coz his brain would get shot circuited in case he did not have a “constant” to hold on to, which existed both in his past and future.