Thursday, July 11, 2013

Memories that create stories

We all love to relive and cherish favorite moments from the past, memories also have emotions attached to it which go on to create some unforgettable stories to share for the rest of our lives, I stumbled upon an interesting website last weekend which aims to become a platform for sharing such memories and that too of our Indian subcontinent.

I find this as a really interesting initiative which helps in sharing some less known facts of our own past probably lying unnoticed in some dusty photo album, memoirs of our parents, grandparents etc. In this age of digital overdose finding handwritten letters feels so great, we have grown up reading biopics and references to famous leaders and personalities in our history however individual stories and experiences across culture, religion, caste creed etc. have the power to transport us back in time.

Check this website Indian Memory Project and also a video presentation from their YouTube channel which would surely strike an emotional chord, just in case you have some interesting stuff to share from your Family Archive, photos, letters (Pre 1991 period) you can share your submission on this site to be reviewed and published.