Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review

I have continued my weekend movie marathon outing from March this year leading up to Man of Steel today, Bryan Singer's Superman Returns garnered mixed reviews post release, which prompted Warner Brother's studious to go in for a re-boot again.

I felt this attempt to revive Superman's story from it's origin by Zack Snyder does not do justice to Superman franchise overall, problem with re-boot stories is that as audience we expect something better from the previous versions; while one can have trouble accepting a director's vision for that centrifugal character in the movie.

Christopher Nolan's association with this movie as producer should have being reversed, Zack Snyder should have pumped in money limiting himself to making slick trailer which he is actually good at and Nolan should have being allowed to get behind camera. 

Henry Cavill is an apt choice to don Superman's cape and casting of other actors is all fine, however like Batman Begins took long enough to set the tone for Batman's character to emerge out of dark shadows, similarly Man of Steel's plot takes its own sweet time to bring our superhero out of his anonymous abyss and when the action begins it goes non-stop without taking a pause which took me back to Bryan Singer's version of Superman returns which had moments in storyline which were balanced to action extravaganza.

Man of Steel storyline moves little like "Lost" TV series narrative style where you get pulled back into past life of Clark Kent growing up battling his unique gift he feels it makes him a freak and the odd man out explaining why he choose to remain elusive from the world all this while, when he finally comes out as the Superman in front of humanity offering himself to save earth from General Zod, it is all fireworks from here.

Though all the mayhem and explosions, environmental damage caused by alien ships etc. look very realistic this CGI overload dilutes story further and you start getting a feeling of watching a Mortal Kombat fight waiting for KO moment to close in. During some sequences you feel Superman zooming to rescue like a dog intercepting a Frisbee throw grabbing it out of nowhere, awww so cute. Well it's not because he looked more like another DC Comics character Flash in these frames.

It is not a bad movie overall to watch it once;but it fails to spark the excitement Iron Man 3 left behind this summer and Zack Snyder should return to sepia tinted canvas of his action movies, like Sanjay Leela Bhansali keeps his world in movies painted all in blue.

My expectations washed away with Man of Steel as I came out of Inox which also partly spoiled this movie outing experience, last row seats are not comfortable and screen looked too small for this 3D movie, ambience around the screen was more distracting, if you are not a Superman fan avoid seeking some thrill tomorrow in case rains blew away today's champion trophy match excitement between India and Pakistan. Superman may have to take flight again some time in coming years as Man of Steel movie ended failing to prove it's mettle thankfully without a hint of sequel in pipeline.