Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Want a Social Jhappi? try Facebook Hug Jacket

I had read about some device which got showcased at Tokyo Game Show about brain kiss, as if human race is facing shortage real kisses now comes a Like-A-Hug, a wearable social media jacket. Every time someone likes your Facebook post, photo, video or status this vest inflates like a life jacket.

Companies into marketing are actively toying the idea of interactive/digital clothing and this could be just the right start in this direction, Imagine you returning home wearing this jacket with a big grin on your face thinking, "Oh man I was SO swelling with Joy the entire day!" 

A social media PR agent reporting how many time's he/she counted jacket inflating throughout the day for a Facebook company/product page, and well it does not just stop here it also has gesture response to being de friended, poked or followed. read more about this here

Monday, October 08, 2012

Need help popping popcorn?

Need help popping popcorn, meet Popinator which is a voice activated popcorn shooter that fulfils your snacking dream, not sure how close is this device to reality and ready to go on sale featured on the PopCorn Indiana website. This gadget could sell well with gamer's engaged in an intensive moment and craving for a snack. watch the video below.