Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali celebrations

I woke up early morning with the noise of crackers resonating in our surroundings, kind of a wake up alarm of the big day, kids in our society were enjoying bursting those noisy crackers and bombs, as i stood in my gallery gazing at the sky waiting to be lit up by the lamp of sun, took this pic of the lantern against the early morning sky backdrop, i was craving to feast on Jalebi Fafda today, it has been 5 years i have come to Pune i never thought of having Jalebi Fafda which was a regular breakfast item in our family while i was in Mulund.

Somehow today my craving for Jalebi Fafda was more strong and i set out at 7:30 am to a nearby sweet shop, where the owner had opened up the store but was not started for the day, so i waited again for half hour, skipping my morning tea, i got disappointed when that guy told me that today no Garam Nashta would be kept, all i could see in his shop was sweet boxes everywhere, i really wondered if he would be able to sell all of them by end of diwalli festivals, a thought also slipped in to my mind of all the news flashing these days on TV, where officials were hunting down mithai adultertation scams throughout the country.

I set out to Koregaon Park, at Rajput dairy also only parathas were available, i went again further to a shop at bund garden, he also told me that they have stopped keeping snack items for diwali and only have sweets, i gave up and returned home to settle for some home made breakfast, still remembering while having my tea the tatse of Kothari Sweets Jalebi Fafda i used to have in Mulund.

My kiddo was all dressed up in his new diwali clothes, i set out in the evening to visit Dagdusheth Halwai temple, the temple was less crowded so we could finish our darshan properly and took some sweets from Kaka Halwai and came back home to do our Diwali Pooja, this was my first diwali with my kid in Pune at my home, last year my wife and my kid both were in Mumbai at my in-laws place, so i felt nice spending time together with them.