Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Plobal: Map Your Agenda With Plobal

Location. Location. Location.
It's not just a real estate mantra anymore, especially when the biggest question on everyone's mind is 'Where?' - Where to party, where to hang, where to grab some food, where to listen to live music, where to avail exciting offers...and the list goes on.

The answer lies in Maps. brings you this detailed, yet intriguing bird's eye view of the most happening events and places, all charted out neatly on the map of your city. And contrary to popular belief about maps, these aforementioned Maps are downright easy to read, and what's more, they're surprisingly enjoyable to look through. 

Sign in or sign up with to find out, go places, or simply look around at what the city holds for you. Also, +1 for the sheer convenience of simply zeroing-in on a preferred location on the map, rather than scrolling down the page, the traditional way - although that is also an option for those who choose it. You can also 'Favourite' the brands and places you like to stay on top of their offers, events or news.

Plobal provides filters to hasten your search and focus your attention to Food, Nightlife or Recreation. The most helpful feature however, remains the real-time updates that the Maps provide, keeping you in sync with the pulse of the city at all times. Plobal has seamlessly integrated its services, such that it helps you not just to pick a place or event, but takes you places, showing you what next.

So go on, see ( for yourself! Or better yet, head right to and let Plobal take you places!