Saturday, October 21, 2006

Scientists Create Cloak of Partial Invisibility

According to LiveScience, scientists “have created a cloaking device that can reroute certain wavelengths of light, forcing them around objects like water flowing around boulders in a stream.”

Any One Wanna Become Mr India !!!
Tread Mill Bike

The Treadmill Bike has just been released in Japan, priced at a whopping $2,019USD. This multi-purpose gadget is not only a mode of transportation, but also functions as a treadmill. Treadmill Biking is fun for the whole family. The variable resistance feature means that treadmill bikers of different abilities can workout together and no one will get left behind

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ancient Indian spaceport discovered

There has being an a recent write up featured on some website which claims that A giant figure that resembles the Roman numeral VI composed of wide trenches was discovered near the Havda village in the Kutch district of the western Indian state of Gujarat.

Ancient scriptures claim that this area often received UFO’s from the outer space - the chariots of fire. Archeologists suggest that the area might have been used as a spaceport by the Harappan civilization, which had one of the most fascinating yet mysterious cultures in the ancient world.

Read More About this Article Here

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Epic Waits to come Alive...

We have feasted our eyes and senses in recent times to some very high class and visually stunning Hollywood flicks, I always think if Harry Potter, LOTR (Lord of the rings), The Matrix Trilogy, MIB, I Robot and many more to go, if such movies can enthrall audiences around the world, why can’t Indian cinema attempt creating such fantasies, which become world wide blockbusters.

Krrish has shown the way to experiment and prove film industry that if attempted fantasy movies can be success, if story is sensible enough with other factors important in making a movie balanced.

I always imagine if someone makes a mega budget, grand scale movie on Mahabharata, The movie has to be graphically brilliant as the story of Mahabharata has lot of emotional package to keep the audience glued, there’s lot to experiment, I keep hearing rum ours on various directors and producers planning to take up this project.

Visualize this, a great battlefield, maybe it can be shot in a high altitude plains, sun rising in the background, a war score slowly building up, let Mr. Rehman do the honors for this, he is very good at background scores, a frame showing warriors on their chariots, next a frame on flags of both warring sides fluttering in the wind bowing across the battle field, a silence waiting to end, in a war cry. Next frame, Arjuna’s chariot flag fluttering, Krishna’s peacock feather swaying in the wind on his mukut, Then a conch sound is heard, with a frame capturing a warrior shadow blowing the conch, horses get ready to rage ahead, and then erupts a loud cry of warriors, running towards each other, and as the camera moves towards a warriors chariot, with a bow and arrow in his hand, ready to fire the arrow from his bow, the background score grows to its peak now and as the arrow leaves the bow, then the movie title Mahabharata is shown on a warring background, maybe ISKCON images can be used in the background as used In Mahabharata television series.

What do you think, comment here if you feel our traditional epic is grand enough to be showcased in the best way to the world?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Finally, Superman Returns!

It was time this superhero finally got a comeback, i had seen Christopher reeve as superman and had very faint memories of this superhero in my mind, as i grew up in awe of batman series, the master director Tim Burton, till the time batman movies got fancy and to the extent batman costumes became more girly, till the time Gorge Clooney acted in the last disaster flick.

I purely wanted to watch superman to see what this invincible character movie could offer, with Kevin spacey being the perfect match for the arch rival of superman, Lex Luthor. The movie revolves around how superman is gone for long, as he finds out that some astronomer had found remains of his home planet, thinking that he may find something superman finds nothing but ruins of his planet.

The opening sequence is awesome, would have looked celestial in a IMAX dome theatre, I am actually planning to re-watch this movie at ADLABS Dome Theatre in Mumbai. I had just seen Bryan Singer's X-men the last stand few weeks back, and I noticed that this director is technically a wizard, he does not give emphasis to special effects in his movies, but uses them as an advantage to the story, or you can say in better words, compliment the story.

Coming back to the movie, our superhero makes a comeback joins daily planet office as Clark Kent, to discover that his love interest, Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is being married and has a kid, she still has the same passion to work as she had before and she is married to cousin of Perry white, of daily planet, Richard white. The flashback scenes of Clark Kent at small’ Ville are very much authentic and give you that 70's feeling.

While out here Lex Luthor digs out superman’s hideout far away in a polar region and discovers secrets and gets in some crystals which form landmass when dropped in water, now Lex Luthor tries it for once and a small bit of crystal creates electro magnetic disturbance all around the city also failing a test launch of a shuttle attached to a aircraft with Lois lane onboard, it is here where our superhero is given a magnificent comeback. I loved the way our superhero cushions the plane back in a baseball stadium amidst an ongoing match, with the whole stadium erupting in applause.

The director has definitely told the superman story his way, adding more of romantic element to superman's life some scenes are really magnificent, a moment where Superman takes Lois on arial ride through the city, When she clings on to superman, and he flies up past the Daily Planet Office globe, flying her close to water surface where Lois watches both of their reflection in the water.

These are few touching moments of the movie, also Lois still deep within her heart loves superman, but has learned to move on, and in his absence she also gives up on superman, writing off his need to the world, the movie is two and a half hour long, and actually after Lex gets defeated at hands of superman, movie was dragged at the end, some hints are left by the director probably Lois Lane's son is probably superman's child.

Watch this movie for great direction, amazing effects that compliment the movie's story, Brandon Routh has done a decent job of a superhero, i still cannot forget the bullet -time scene of point blank shot in superman's eye. Kevin spacey excels in his role as a loveable baddy; he could have being given more to perform with some more quick and witty one-liners from him. Kate Bosworth delivers perfectly as Lois Lane and even superman is faced with the same question at a point in the movie as to save a city in danger or protect his love interest. Similar to the dilemma faced by Spiderman for Mary Jane.

In the end, Lois ask's "Would we see you again?" Superman replies “I will be always around", he flies off.

The movie has good background score of John Ottoman, and the superman theme originally composed by John Williams still sounds very fresh and lingers in your mind right from your childhood.

So we finally have all three superheroes Batman, Superman & Spiderman back in business and raking the moolah for Hollywood, as its not just that these characters are admired by kids, but they still help us re-discover the kid in us, who once used to read these superhero comics, watched their cartoons, and today the same adult wants to re-live that experience on the big screen....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Superman, Move over, Make way for “Krrish”

The latest news now going around Krrish is that it has started giving stiff competition to “Superman Returns” in North America, crossing over collections of Fanaa, which were holding the records till date. Compare this $10 Million budget of Krrish, compared to $ 200 million budget of superman returns.

Are we finally having a superhero who can give the Superman, Batman & Spiderman a stiff competition, maybe we have struck the right chord with international audience with our own superhero.

Well about the movie, I watched Krrish before I watched superman returns, I thought the movie may not be a big hit compared to Koi mil gaya, and superhero movies have bombed badly in past in India, and even if they gain popularity with kids, they do not take off actually with the normal audience.

Krrish proves this wrong, I also read and watched reviews on Krrish before going for the movie, but I always wanted to see this movie with the fact that Rakesh Roshan finally made an attempt to make an all out superhero film, some one had to really take this risk. The opening titles were impressive; the background score by Salim and Sulaiman has some element of dark notes similar to the Spiderman theme composed by Danny Elfman, that’s what gets you into a mood that you are going to be treated with a good movie and not some mediocre stuff.

The story starts with the kiddo Hrithik making pictures of his late father and mom with quiet ease, and his dadi, Rekha watching in amazement, she discovers that he has inherited the same powers his dad had, she decides to move her away from the being detected with such supernatural powers, Hrithik as Krishna is detected by his school dean to be having exquisite IQ, which he wants to develop, but grand mom Rekha has other plans, she takes the child away from everyone, she becomes her teacher, her mom, everything…now that’s what we call a super grandson’s super grandma !

While Krishna (Hrithik) moves away from kasauni, to some place in himachal, Sharat Saxena comes seeing him to his school, where the father refuses to give any whereabouts of Krishna and his grand mom. I was spellbound by the cinematography of Santosh Thundiyil, the landscapes captured in the movie are amazing, and Rakesh Roshan does have such amazing breathtaking frames of nature even in Koi mil gaya, Koyla as far I remember.

The film moves on with Krishna growing big, the scene is well shot, showing the transition of a kid into an adult, a village simpleton, with his superpowers and finding himself to be alone and unable to overcome his superpowers, which makes him play with bunch of kinds, the same plight which his father had to go through. I would definitely not compare superman with our Krrish, still moments from superman like, he returns to his home, he throws a ball, as his dog runs to fetch it, superman realizes that his doggy is not gonna get that ball anymore, and even the dog gives up..

Such scenes indirectly make you aware of the superhero’s powers and say a lot adding humor to it. Moving ahead Krishna discovers a girl in dangers, i.e. our leading lady in the movie Priyanka Chopra, who gets stuck on a tree top, falling down while paragliding, Krishna rescues the girl, again here also, the director captures the scene very well, showing a slow fall, rotating the camera around them, really well captured first meet, Hrithik coming almost like a elevator coming down, and priyanka screaming in between, not believing that she is actually still alive.

From here the movie has moments of Hrithik falling for Priyanka, playing tricks around with priyanka, as Hemant Pandey the tour guide plays a funny side-kick to Hrithik, as priyanka had arrived with her group and her friend Maaninee Mishra discover that he has amazing powers, the there is a song, Hrithik falls head over heals for Priyanka, Priyanka also meets Rekha, and as she departs she finds Hrithik falling for her.

Now Priyanka comes back to resume her job, she is a news reporter at Star News office in Singapore, her boss, Archana Puran Singh is ready to fire her as they have exceeded their vacations, in order to save their jobs, they think using Hrithik’s power display for the news channel, promising their manager to get Hrithik in Singapore.

Priyanka manages to bring Hrithik over to Singapore, as Hrithik has to face resilience from her grand mom , as she is not ready to loose her grand son, she tells Krishna (Hrithik) as to what happened to his dad, how he could never return after a company in Singapore called over Hrithik’s dad and it is none other than Naseeruddin Shah, who persuades Hrithik’s Dad Rohit Malhotra to make a machine that enables one to see future.

Naseeruddin shah excels as a baddy; he has a strong screen presence, similar to that of Lex Luthor in superman, a loveable baddy. The story moves on with Hrithik promising his grand ma that he would not reveal his superpowers , he meets a road performer who was performing for his sister for her operation, whom Hrithik helps performing some martial art stunts, they become friends and that guy invites Hrithik to his show at a circus. A song at circus with priyanka, fire breaks into the circus, Hrithik watches parents of few children trapped in the burning circus crying for help, in hurry, he picks up a black robe and a broken mask of a circus performer.

Enter “Krrish”, the superhero makes a impressive entry and leaves lot of questions behind, a good way to bring a superhero, the best thing Rakesh Roshan could have done to introduce, Krrish, a fancy costume would have killed the character, the birth of the superhero is more practical, which does not make you feel about a brainless story being told to you, Batman & Spidey had taken their own time designing their own costumes, here Hrithik does not get that time… a very creative move by the director.

Going ahead the film then takes some turns which further grip you to the story, and believe me special effects in the movie are far greater and better than any other Hindi movie seen till date and they have being used at places where needed and not unnecessarily, also another good thing about the stunts of the movie is that the action directors have worked hard to make stunts look impressive sans, special effects which also could have killed the thrill of these stunts, though it looked like more of crouching tiger, hidden dragon stuff, but its acceptable.

Hrithik is the main highlight of the film, followed by Naseeruddin Shah and then Priyanka. The time machine built by Krishna’s father Rohit, looks gracious and controls of the machine looked similar to those in the movie “Paycheck” also the latter half of the story after interval, is based more or less on the movie story of paycheck.

I would not go ahead further with the story as the movie is made with lot of effort, with a sensible storyline, editing of the movie needed some polishing, Watch this movie purely for Hrithik and for the storytelling of Rakesh Roshan, which is definitely going to make you appreciate this film. This movie has done a lot to priyanka’s career, what it did to preity’s career; Yash Raj banner has a special way of projecting heroines of their movies. They form central figure of their movies, here Rakesh Roshan does not have much to offer to the leading lady of the film, and still you cannot ignore the screen presence of his movies heroines.

Not to leave the music of the movie behind, Rajesh Roshan surely delivers in his bro’s films, his music is not a instant hit like that of Himesh, his music grows over you, taking its own time to keep listening to his songs, it was the same case when I first heard music of Kaho na Pyaar hai, Koi Mil gaya I did not like it that much, but after watching these movies I used to hear its music over and over re-living the feel of movie, same is the case of Krrish, I was disappointed that the track “Main hoon who aasmaan” was not in the movie, its really a slow melodic romantic track to fall in love with.“Koi tumsa nahin” also strikes a chord with your heart, “Dil na diya” is peppy. “Chori Chori Chupke Chupke” & “Pyar Ki Ek Kahaani” stand apart as excellent tracks.

If Rakesh Roshan is planning to make another sequel to this movie, he surely can go ahead; he has started something new in the Indian cinema which he can be proud of, which no other director like Subhash Ghai, Aditya Chopra or any other big name amongst the director could have thought of risking. One suggestion for Rakesh Roshan for the forthcoming sequel, he can groom the character of Krrish better, by giving him some more moves and powers, maybe he can spend good amount of money on special effects to give some muscle to Krrish’s character.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

What's Your Worth !

Check out this one, another weird site which lets you know what's your worth, how much are you really worth of !

What you need to do is fill up a survey form and the site would display the result to you, and also if you wanna feature yourself on the Human Sale List, you can do that too !

Check out this link HERE
One Second Nap- Way to Powerful Solutions !

Imagine you have a problem that you just can't solve. You spend all of your waking hours thinking about it. You ask the advice of friends and advisers. But still you just don't know.

Now picture yourself so exhausted from worry and stress, you sit down in a chair and doze off only to be awakened 1-second later by the phone ringing. You don't answer the phone because during that one second, you had an incredible dream. In the dream, you saw the perfect solution to your problem. You feel excited and you begin effortlessly putting your solution into action and before you know it, you're done.

Sounds fantastic doesn't it? If you could get a 1-second to a perfect solution to your problem? That is one of the advantages of this method and I am going to show you how you can take a split second nap for a direct route to your super conscious.

Thomas A. Edison, inventor of the lightbulb is the first person I read about who made 1-second napping a science. His method would take him from daydreaming to 1-second 'twilight dreaming" and wake up in the state of mind to do something with the solutions presented.

Here is his method: What he would do is he would sit back in a comfortable chair or lie down on a couch and prop his hand in the air with his elbow resting next to him. In his hand he'd have a fist full of ball bearings. As he sat there daydreaming, he'd gradually drift off to sleep. As soon as sleep took over, his hand would relax, releasing the ball bearings onto the wood floor, immediately awakening him. This would obviously leave him with a nap lasting less than a second.

He would immediately write down the dreams and solutions he'd get during these split second naps. Many of these dream solutions were perfect fixes to the problem at hand or the next step to take while making a new invention.

The author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, got the idea for one of his most famous works during an abrupt awakening. "In the small hours one morning," says his wife, "I was awakened by cries of horror from Louis. Thinking he had a nightmare I awakened him. He said angrily, 'Why did you wake me? I was dreaming a fine bogey tale.'" The dream was so vivid that he could not rest until he had written off the story, and it so possessed him that the first draft was finished within three days. It was called "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

You may have noticed, one important benefit of the solutions gained by 1-second naps result in vast motivation as well.

Mastercard Re-Branding Its Logo

What do you say ?

Cool Cingular AD

For those who hate Dropped calls

Friday, June 30, 2006

Some Cool Links to visit

Freeware Utility : 450+ Freeware

Internet World Stats : Go Bonkers Reading these stats !

Greatest Internet Moments: Quite a huge collection

World's First Web Page : The one that started it all !

Cracked Screen Wallpaper: Give ur buddies a scare !

How File Sharing reveals your Identity: Wanna escape RIAA, chgeck out this one !

LOGO Mania !

Here's another link to a amazing Logo collection site, This site not only hosts all the great collection of logo's, but also gives a lot of info about the logo's of various companies, and not only comapnies but any damn logo in the world, which your eye could have seen.

The site also has a section on logo parodies, iviting contribution from netizens, to give a twist to famous logo's

You can contribute even your logo to the site, the site also has a logo, to browse the huge collection of the logo's you will have to vote through them....

The site is also in process to build up a logiQuizz section

Visit this site here: Good Logo

Join the SWARM

I found out this cool link on the web called SWARM

It is a site that let's you know what people around the world are browsing, RIGHT NOW, yes realtime updates keep happening on the site.

Once you visit the site, you can browse the links, the world is browsing, you have a text mode browsing and the second one is text based browsing, if you are using firefox browser you can also add SWARM extension to your browser to be a part of the community, you also have an option to keep tag for Adult content On or Off as per your preference.

A cool way to browse through the links on the net

Also the site does not list any personal and secured site browsing, for example, when you login to your bank account, or you login into your My Yahoo account, these kind of pages are not listed.

I bet you would not stop clicking ! : CLICK HERE

Monday, June 26, 2006

Reliance aims to provide GSM services by next year

Reliance Communications is aiming to launch their GSM services in the country by March next year. This is expected to further reduce the prices in the Indian mobile service market as the company aims to price their packages competitively to gain more users.

The company is already the leaders in the CDMA technology based mobile services and is now aiming to shift focus to GSM services.

Reliance Communications has also roped in JM Morgan Stanley (JMMS) as financial advisor for a proposed re-organization. Not much information is available on their plans but the company might bring together all their services and offerings under a single brand.

Reliance is expected to be allotted the 1,800 MHz spectrum by the Department of Telecommunications later this year. This would help them launch the GSM operations by early next year.

Lets hope Airtel & Hutch face some competition now, as they really suck bigtime in their network & billing promises.

Look up in the SKY !

The battle in the DTH segment is gonna heat up with the advent of Tata-Sky a TATA & Star Group venture, Dish-tv a Zee group company lacked few popular STAR channels package, which is a must have for cable viewers today, Tata Sky has tied up with Thomson for the set-top boxes and NDS Systems for the smart card technology. Vikram Kaushik, CEO, Tata Sky said about their upcoming services: “Our DTH service will completely redefine the television viewing experience in India. We are committed to building a state-of-the-art DTH operation. NDS Systems will enable us to transfer control and choice into the hands of subscribers,and what subscribers would be get along with a superior quality service would be excellent customer service"

Their services are expected to launch around the month of August

Koen van Driel, senior vice-president, satellite, terrestrial and cable business unit, Thomson added about their involvement in this launch: “As the largest and most exciting new DTH TV project in the world, we are very proud to have been selected as a key supplier by Tata Sky.”

Lets hope we get some respite from the local cable operators, my cable is operator is really a goon company, ICC networks, they charge 394 bucks for a regular subscriber who pays Rs 2000 installation charges, and ask temporary connections to shell out Rs 600 a month in case you do not want to pay Installation charges of Rs 2000.

Visit Their Site Here : Tata Sky

VSNL to acquire Direct Internet for $16.7 million

Tata’s VSNL is continuing with its acquisition spree as they have now announced their decision to acquire Direct Internet Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary Primus Telecommunications India Ltd.

The deal is worth around 750 million rupees and is expected to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Direct Internet provides Internet-based voice and data services while PTIL provides Internet service to small and medium enterprises in Indian cities.

VSNL has been keep on acquiring internet providing companies and just recently acquired telecoms network service firm Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd. They also acquired Tyco International’s global under-sea fiber optic cable network unit in July 2005.

Citigroup increases stake in VSNL

World’s largest financial services company Citigroup and its affiliate companies have increased their stake in the Indian telecom company VSNL.

Citigroup now has a 6.3% stake in the company up from 1.5%. With this deal, they own around 18.6 million shares of VSNL.

Citigroup went ahead with their plans by acquiring VSNL’s American Depository Receipts (ADRs) listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The news was confirmed in a Citigroup filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). VSNL itself has refused to comment on this new development.

Tata is the major stakeholder in this company with around 44% of the shares. Indian government still owns a minor 26% stake in VSNL.

BSNL Broadband to roll out cable TV

As Star & Tata Joint Venture Tata Sky gear's up to take on the sattelite cable tv market, with Dish-tv, a Zee Television group venture already in the market, now BSNL is gonna get going in this space too, would it be just DD channel's packaged for some unrealistic pricing ?, never know as BSNL is not gonna provide any satellite receivers to users, it would be through broadband, and it's gonna be aunched first in PUNE

It has tied up with a firm called Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd (MKCL), this company would help BSNL delivering the Cable TV content via their ADSL Broadband technology.

All that the consumer would require is a set top box, a landline and a television set that would also function as the monitor. they claim they are going to offer a good package of popular channel's, they have a broadband consumer base of around 27,000 customers in pune.They have scheduled a Independence day launch for the service.

Pune will become the first city in the country when the BSNL will launch multi player services through broadband connection on August 15. Here are some of the features that are on offer:
* Bouquet of cable channels
* Video on demand
* Video conferencing
* TV-to-TV SMS
* E-classes

Internet user base growth slowing down

As per incoming statistics, the global internet adoption rate has slowed down in the recent months. Japan is currently the country with highest percentage of its population connected to the internet and China has the internet users who spend the most time online.

A study has been released by The Face of the Web who got this study conducted by market researcher Ipso Insight. As per this report, the global online population grew by a modest five per cent from 2004 to 2005.

This is much lower than the growth of 20% survey registered a year before. The research group surveyed users from countries including Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, the UK, and the US.

France is one country, which is beating the world’s average with the most significant year-over-year gains in internet adoption among the markets tracked. France and UK are the main countries where mobile internet adoption seems to be the next big thing.

VoIP is catching up fast in France, UK, and Germany. America is one country, which has nearly reached the saturation point in terms of number of users connecting to the internet. Whatever it is, but my hunger for the net is never gonna go down, it feels harder now to move back to a cheaper 64kbps plan from my current Zip Zap Zoom 256 kbps connection.

The next big thing that could push internet is mobile internet, which can change the trend, as blogging is already catching up the heat around the globe, and surely people would like to blog ON THE MOVE !

HP Plans to Quit Selling Printers & Start Selling Prints

Hewlett-Packard, the world's leading printer manufacturer, wants to leave the printer business.

The vendor that dominates the market, with a 45 percent share, wants to move itself and its VARs from selling printers to selling printing—pay-per-click, managed print services and document management solutions—that captures more customer wallet and speaks to the ways businesses use printing, executives and partners in HP's Imaging and Printing Group said.

HP expects the strategy, which it and several other vendors have been drumming for months now, to drive sales in a slumping market as new solutions require upgrades, albeit with fewer printers in each shop, and maintain market share that equals opportunity at other points on the HP portfolio

For VARs (Vendors & Retailers), the opportunity means more value add, differentiation, and a piece of the services and supplies pie currently sent to retail chains and Web sites, executives and VARs said.

"It's selling pages not printers," said Jim Fall, director of strategic planning at Cannon IV, in Indianapolis, a print services VAR and HP partner of 17 years. "Instead of capturing the printer, you're capturing the print and everything that goes along with it—supplies, policy management, security. It's a solution-oriented sale that is much harder to grab but more rewarding in the end."

The strategy relies on the channel, Blackmer said, because it is a business sale, requiring a local presence and an understanding of how a customer operates.

HP is encouraging VARs with incentives, margins and marketing programs to drive the solution, Fall and Blackmer said.

Printer shipments have been slipping, with growth slowing from 80 percent in 2004-2005 to 24 percent yearly growth over the next five years, according to IDC.

"The first laser printers we ever sold are still out there and doing their job," said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president of the IPG unit. "They're a workhorse, and we're glad to hear it. But you can't just sit back and wait for it to die to go in and sell another unit."

HP is encouraging "baby steps," Blackmer said. "We just want them begin having the conversation with their customers," she said. "Sell a care pack. Offer to do a print audit. Then you can look at something like access control or how many DeskJets are sitting unused under employee desks."

But the transition can be difficult, Fall and Blackmer said.

"It's a longer sales cycle," Fall said. "Selling a couple of printers might take three days. Selling a document management solution might take three months. If you're paying the bills by selling those units, that's a big investment to suddenly flick the switch to solution selling. You have to be ready for it."

As HP and VARs move up the continuum, VARs are already offering managed print services using remote management platforms, and HP is working on a partnership with a managed services provider to provide a resellable managed services offering, Blackmer said

Article Courtesy:
Nokia Planning to Stop Making CDMA Phones

It was not long before when i was working for reliance infocomm, now re-christened as Reliance Communications group, they were bang confident of the CDMA technology, that it would work wonder's for the Indian telecom growth, and would change the way we communicate.

well to some extent i do agree that reliance surely was able to create a mass hysteria by offering dirt cheap calling rates and some very basic handsets from LG & Samsung which i felt were overpriced and some quacks earned good money out of some silly postpaid schemes and handset faking was in news for long.

Well even Nokia was upbeat about the growth of CDMA market in india, with TATA's also joining the party, but quiet late, still a customisation and variety that's available in a GSM phone cannot be matched with a CDMA phone, even i started off with a CDMA phone, i appreciate the network reception it provides, even i have surfed on my computer using reliance net service and found a better alternative to my dial up service, the time i got hooked to broadband. But i have never looked back on to CDMA, i used it only once for all, but still have to carry my Office provided CDMA phone along with my GSM.

Here's a article where nokia is now planning to stop CDMA Handset production

Saturday, June 24, 2006

ESG Personal Flying Wings

A new parachute system known as the Gryphon has been designed by ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH and Dräger (not sure how you’re meant to pronounce that). The Gryphon enables parachutists to fly through the air at high speed before opening their chutes, so they could be dropped miles away and fly to their intended targets.

The ESG Gryphon is aimed at the military market, where upon parachutists can be dropped up-to 40 kilometres away from the landing pad and then glide their silently and near invisible to any radar cover.

The next stage of development is to add small turbo jet drives which will increase the range even further and allow take offs from much lower heights. Batman eat your heart out.

Mysterious red cells might be aliens

There was this bizzare event which occured in kerela in Year 2001, When sky was raining RED, As bizarre as it may seem, the sample jars brimming with cloudy, reddish rainwater in Godfrey Louis's laboratory in southern India may hold, well, aliens.

Read this Article HERE
Google spots Jesus in Peruvian sand dune

Can't Predict google, it can come up with anything,

Read the Original Article HERE

Say Hello to the Telephone Bag

If you have trouble remembering your mobile but always carry your bag then why not combine the two with the 1970’s Telephone Bag.

The telephone bag is a fully working phone, though it’s not really a mobile as it does require a jack to connect. The handset also functions as the bags handle whilst the front of the bag contains the buttons you’d expect on a normal phone.

Not a mock-up, not a Photoshop project, not a character from the upcoming live-action Transformers movie — this bag really is a fully functional telephone. It kind of sucks that it's not actually a cell phone; it's a regular phone that you need to plug into a landline, but I guess it predates all that wireless business. The kitschy caller costs $295, and it also comes in black. Still, you have to wonder who played matchmaker between the beautiful-yet-innocent handbag and the ruggedly handsome telephone, whose union produced this container-communicator hybrid, but they really have to be stopped before they discover the USB-device market. Too late!

Make money from your old mobile phone

It's always the same - as soon as you buy a new mobile, it's superceded by another model. So if you want to keep up, you could end up with a drawer full of old mobiles that are unlikely to see the light of day ever again. So how about trading them in for some cash, in-store credit or a contribution to charity?

One firm,, has so far paid out more than £250,000 this year alone to people recycling their old mobiles since the beginning of the year. They pay cash, credit that can be used at Argos or you can nominate a charity to benefit. The firm then reconditions the handsets for use overseas, where the cost of new phones is too high for the average person.

It's estimated that around 15 million phones are upgraded each year in the UK, but fewer than three million are recycled or re-used - something envirofone want to change.

According to their chief executive Pete Petrondas: "Unlike traditional schemes, we recognised that we needed to encourage the general public to recycle so we decided to offer them either cash or credit from Argos."

Everybody Say’s I’m Fine !

This very well might be the most interesting and inspiring online project anyone has done in a very, very long time. We Feel Fine is an exploration of human emotion on a global scale throughout the blogosphere. Every few minutes their system searches the world’s newest blog entries for occurrences of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”, and when it finds a phrase, it records the full sentence up to the period and identifies all the feelings expressed within the sentence (sadness, happy, depressed, etc). The age, gender, location and local weather conditions are also recorded. The depth of the presentation and user interface here is absolutely amazing, and a gorgeous execution. Around 15-20,000 new feelings are added to the database every day, there are currently 3.3 million feelings from over 833,000 people. The findings are just mind boggling and really quite fun to read. The picture he represents ‘madness‘, each ball representing a feeling, and each color corresponding the tone of that feeling. Check out their mission statement for more information– genius, pure genius.

Visit This Site:

The world’s growing love affair with mobile devices

The latest phone models come with digital cameras, MP3 players, internet, satellite navigation, Nokia N91 has just being launched in India with a robust memory of 4 GB, we thought a 1 MB MMC Card was enough, it isn’t Samsung i380, which comes with an incredible 8 GB of storage space! Is yet to come, as mobile phones come with ever more functions, it’s possible that many users will find their multi-functional phones too complex to use.

Nokia carried out a global survey of what people want from their mobiles. Some of the results are quite surprising.

According to the Nokia survey, it seems that consumers want their mobile gadgets with more features not less.

  • 44% of mobile owners use their phone as their one-and-only camera
  • 73% don’t wear a watch or have a separate alarm clock
  • 67% say they will use a mobile phone rather than an MP3 player in the future
  • 68% would like to be able to control household appliances with their mobile

Needless to say, across the globe, mobiles were found to be the most indispensable of gadgets, with 94% saying they expected to have a mobile phone in the future.

One in five said that losing their mobile phone would be worse than losing their wallet or even their wedding ring!

Oxygen in a Can

Here comes now oxygen in cans, pehle to sirf milta tha Cola in cans !

Oxygen bars are so '90s—did anyone really shell out 20 bucks for mint-flavored oxygen when you could have a breathtaking mojito for less than half that? But the world's most essential element is making a fashionable comeback. This time, in a can.

According to people who know their gas, a drop in the amount of oxygen in the body can result in yawning and sighing. These super-oxygenated concoctions seek to end these vile bodily functions once and for all (and ease hangovers) with a 95% oxygen concentration (compared to 21% in normal air), and an average lifespan of a week per can, if used up to six times a day. Oxygen inside the container is sprayed into a transparent plastic mask which comes attached to the can. The product, named O2 Supli is being tested in select Japanese markets and will make its debut at all 11,000 7-Eleven stores in Japan today, 14 June 2006, with two introductory flavors: grapefruit and, yes, mint.

American Express Butterfly Card

Amex-Butterfly-1American Express just introduced their new Butterfly Card, a foldable card and keychain carrier available to all of their Gold Card holders.

Similar to the Discover 2GO Card, the concept is to make taking (and therefore using) your card as convenient as possible. Since most people use some sort of key chain it's a logical choice to design around.

The card can be handled like a standard card, left halfway in the case with the magnetic strip exposed, or folded up in the case and slipped easily in your pocket, purse or on your key chain.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The History of @ Sign

A blue sky. The nature of love. A child's smile. The "@" symbol.

Some things are so common place that you scarcely notice them. But that doesn't make them any less fascinating. Take the humble "@" symbol, for instance.

It's something we use dozens—perhaps hundreds—of times a day. This little "a" with the curved tail is inextricably linked to the instantaneous communication that we, as a society, are dependent upon.

But where is @ from, exactly?

Let's go back to the 6th or 7th century. Latin scribes, rubbing their wrists with history's first twinges of carpal tunnel syndrome, tried to save a little effort by shortening the Latin word ad (at, to, or toward) by stretching the upstroke of "d" and curving it over the "a".

Italian researchers unearthed 14th-century documents, where the @ sign represented a measure of quantity. The symbol also appeared in a 15th-century Latin-Spanish dictionary, defined as a gauge of weight, and soon after—according to ancient letters—was referenced as an amphora, a standard-sized clay vessel used to carry wine and grain.

Over the next few hundred years our plucky @ sign was used in trade to mean "at the price of" before resting on the first Underwood typewriter keyboard in 1885, then later rubbing symbolic shoulders with QWERTY on modern keyboards in the 1940s.

Then, one day in late 1971, computer engineer Ray Tomlinson grappled with how to properly address what would be history's very first e-mail. After 30 seconds of intense thought, he decided to separate the name of his intended recipient and their location by using the "@" symbol. He needed something that wouldn't appear in anyone's name, and settled on the ubiquitous symbol, with the added bonus of the character representing the word "at," as in,

And while in the English language, we know it as the "at symbol," it goes by many other unusual pseudonyms throughout the world.

  • In South Africa, it means "monkey's tail"
  • In Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia it's the "Crazy"
  • In the Czech Republic, it's "pickled herring"
  • The Danish refer to it as "alpha-sign," "elephant's trunk," or "pig's tail."
  • The French often refer to it as "little snail."
  • In Greece, it's "little duck."
  • In Hungary, it's called "maggot"
  • In Mandarin Chinese, it's the "mouse sign."
  • Russians often refer to it as "little dog."
  • There's no official word for it in Thailand, but "wiggling worm-like character."
  • The Turks lovingly describe it as "ear."

But an "@" by any other name is just as sweet. Online, it's at the heart of every user's identity. It represents the breathless urgency of our connected culture: clear, concise, typographical shorthand for lobbing our thoughts, needs, and ideas to nearly anyone else in the world. Instantly.

Its ubiquity and urgency has transcended the Latin alphabet of its origins to worm its way into other language groups, including Arabic and Japanese.

And that, web wanderers, is where it's @.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pixar Creates "CARS" on Linux Based Machine

Here's a Write up on the creation of Movie CARS from Disney-Pixar

Interesting One !

Nokia's Open Phone Design Concept

Check dis Out, A Possible Futuristic Design of a Nokia Phone

We love fun, implausible concept designs as much as the next guy, but this one in particular seems kind of far-fetched. The "Nokia Open" is/would be a cell phone that opens like a fan with a "scrollable touch screen," which seems to be an essential-yet-nonexistent item that would need to be invented in order for this to work. The idea is that with the push of a button the thin phone opens up, revealing a spacious screen on which buttons and menu options appear for you to manipulate with your digits. All well and good, but a cell phone that appears before you on the wings of a magical eagle would be cool too, though I'm not expecting Nokia to start marketing it anytime soon. Perhaps with the advent of flexible e-paper on the horizon, this isn't totally unimaginable, but it certainly is at least a decade off. Eventually we'll probably see flexible displays used in portable devices in some regard, but to design devices before the technology is… well, science fiction, really. But hey, designer Hugo Danti should keep up the Photoshopery; he's got talent.

You Can Visit the Designer's Site: Hugo Danti

Lets Wait 4 Such Phones, Really Sleek n Cool

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Solar Powered Wooden Copter

Priced at $32, this wooden helicopter “has a solar cell located on the top of the rotors that will cause the blades to spin when the toy is placed in a sunny spot”. Unfortunately, that’s about all it does

For those whose lives are cluttered with obligations, appointments and confusion, maybe it’s time to simplify with this wooden helicopter that pretty much sits there and does almost nothing

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Earn Money Selling What You Say (Sadly Not yet Started for India)

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A Great Collection of Stuff from a Jail, what's inside a Prisoner's Mind

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Solar Powered Mobile Phones

Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems are exploring new methods of harvesting energy to power mobile devices — including light (solar power), heat, and motion.

For example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM employs thermoelectrics: energy is generated by a heat flow source such as the user’s wrist. Prominent clock makers use this technology to power watches. Micro-integrated thermo-electric converters can also be used to cool electronic components

First Radio Wrist Watch

First introduced in 1947, this wrist-watch used a “new miniature radio transceiver being developed by the U. S. Bureau of Standards”, capable of receiving/transmitting short waves while also picking up standard radio broadcasts.

This world’s smallest microtube was made possible by the elimination of bulky wires, which have been replaced by a silver chloride circuit stenciled on a slice of plastic or ceramic material. Developed as a result of co-operative research with industry, the miniature tube has various military applications aside from its use in the wrist-watch radio