Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Physics and Philosophy

My name has prominent reference to physics as a stream of science in general which is based purely on facts, “Bhautik” also signifies everything we see, smell and feel, it is known as one of the names for lord Shiva and above all it signifies materialism and I associate this aspect of my name strongly with my personality.

A major part of my childhood I was called by my pet name which my grandparents gave me, which is equally close to my heart, Luckily I never got joked about my name in school or anywhere else which is not the case with some peculiar Indian names.

When I relate my taste for sci-fi movie genre to my name, I get interested in every story and concept that defies general laws of physics, this madness started with matrix and then the fantasy world of nerd philosophy and prophecies which intrigued me is filled with ideas, concepts which seem impossible right now however they have started looking like a possible future to me.

A part of me yearns to enjoy many materialistic pleasures  which motivates me to excel and strive hard most of the times, however there is a part of my personality which is like a mirror reflection to my name that involves drifting away from reality and traversing my thoughts on everything abstract, mysterious and unknown about this universe.

It feels like a gift to have a consumerist outlook without any guilt, be selfish when you need to be without worrying about the wrong and right and also be thankful for what we have, contribute your bit to help anyone in need as far as possible, stand strong for people who care for you, people who trust you to deliver and make an effort to know unsaid expectations of your loved ones and meet them as far as you can.

Life brings you challenges that are not painted in any color, we have a choice to paint them black or white based on moral codes we learn and adjust to which do not necessarily follow a set guideline always, confusion paints these challenges grey.

Following the very basic concept of Physics, when you try finding answers to questions in your life by observing your own behavior in different situations and experimenting with workarounds, lessons learnt etc. We eventually learn to stop painting our challenges in grey.

I don’t know if my name falls under the old school library of traditional names now, however I do like it because it was my mother who decided to keep this name for me, the one whom I never saw or even have a faint image of her in my memory as she passed away due to jaundice illness when I was 6 months old.

It is said that Physics and Philosophy don’t mix well, but they can co-exist in perfect harmony and my name feels like just the right ticket to travel between both worlds.