Thursday, December 24, 2009

Average Net User now Spending 13 Hours Online a week

The time an Average US Internet user would spend way back in 1999-2002 was around 7 hours in a week which has now increased up to 13 hrs a week, The age group that spent the most time online per week: 30- to 39-year-old, at 18 hours. This rise in consumption of internet services has happened due to multiple devices now available to access internet, and increase in activities like shopping online and watching television online, read more on this here

Netbook Sales Rise in Year 2009

Portable computing trend has shifted heavily in favor of Netbooks in the year 2009, Netbook sales saw 72% growth from year 2008 and in comparison Notebook revenue was down by 7% as compared to 2008 sales revenue, Netbooks have found a place of their own in the portable computing market and would not be causing a permanent dent in the Notebook segment, as by next year their sales would also start to normalize, Notebook manufactureres have being actively slashing prices across year 2009 and would continue to pack in more features with improved versions of hardware configs in the year 2010, read more on this here

Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar Movie Review

I went to watch Avatar Movie with great excitement and some curiosity, and the movie surpassed my expectations by and far, James Cameron has again worked a wonder out of this movie, he truly belongs to the league of Movie Makers who would probably not churn a movie title year after year but when they do make a movie, it would change the rules of the game and raise the bar for the others.

Avatar also could become the turning point in movie making, the way Terminator and Titanic set new standards for Hollywood film making, here's a summary to the movie story, Jake Scully (Sam Wothington) is a disabled Marine who signs up for the Avatar program to replace his scientist brother who is now dead Jake travels to Pandora, the lush moon of Polyphemus which is inhabited by humanoid species called Na'vi, Jake is supposed to join Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) while as a marine he still reports security chief Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) who along with Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) are interested to drive the Native's out of their home for mining Unobtainium.

Jake Scully goes on a science mission with grace and her team, he gets lost in the jungle and from here on he enters the Na'vi world, gets into their group and has a change of heart, where he decides to be with them, he  was supposed to spy for the human's and give them intel on how they could pursue the Natives to leave the place they were staying, however the security cheif and the corporate baron have other plans and they jump into action by blowing up Na'vi home. Jake now decides to defend this race, and the movie roll's on to spectacular fight ahead, shot with great camerawork.

The first half of the movies makes you enjoy the fantasy land James has created in his story you get to explore the Pandora Landscape which is a feast to your eyes, it's not just about the CGI, James is successful to make you beleive that such worlds could exist and the scale of detailing the alien world is amazing second best to the landscape shown by george lucas in his Star Wars flicks. also you are able to connect to the chracters in the story before you roll in to the second half of the story which is fast paced and loaded with action.

There are defining moments in the movie which are equally high on emotions weaved perfectly to thhe story along with the technical brilliance, it's an rare amalgamation of fantasy extraterrestrial landscapes with cutting edge CGI, all bound into the high-testosterone camerawork. The story easily makes you hate the Human Race and feel for the Pandora Inhabitants, Indirectly it touches many points to our current issues like mindless destruction of the nature for corporate gains, waging fake wars and use of military to snatch natural resources, also displaying the human nature of exploiting the resources available on hand which shows that even if we found another planet to live after we have destroyed earth, we would still continue displaying our savage nature in the new home if we get.

This Movie is 3 hour long and you would not mind the length of the movie as you would be engrossed enough to come out of Avatar which is a cinematic brilliance, Music by James Horner is also good, no matter how beautiful a dream is you have to wake up, and for sure you would be content to leave the cinema hall having to worth to your ticket money, don't miss this one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chevrolet BEAT

I had posted pics of Chevrolet BEAT here on my blog on Dec 4, re-posting the details as i got to know the name of this Car today which i guessed was probably from the Chevrolet Stable, and yes it is a Chevrolet BEAT which i saw on a test drive at Mumbai Pune Expressway on 28 Nov 09.

Chevrolet Beat is going to be launched mostly Next month while it features in the upcoming Auto Expo this car is going to be placed in a Price Band of Rs 3.5 - 5 Lakhs, and a possibility of 3 variants to this model, the car hood behind gives it a sporty look and the design of this car is mostly similar to it's international version, it's a B Segment Hatchback touted to give competition to Maruti Ritz, Hyundai i10. Chevrolet had a good run in terms of sales with Spark and it's the right time they found a successor to Spark to maintain the presence in Indian market and grow ahead on their offerings to the evolving car market in our country, This car had featured in the Transformers 2 Flick also this year, check the pics at my album here

Take a look at this video review from CNB Show aired on NDTV

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer is Out Now

Iron Man 2 Trailer finally revealed, this movie seems to pack more action than the first version and Tony stark has a equally menacing baddie to fight this time, Whiplash is at least not lame as Obadiah Stane, looking forward to this flick, though it's too early right now, since the movie would hit the screens in May 2010, check out the trailer.

Twitter Trending Topics 2009

Check out some interesting Twitter trends for the year 2009, Iran Elections featured twice in News Events and Hashtags, District 9 and Paranormal Activity for sure gained a good word of mouth publicity, and Tiger Woods made it to the list of People at number 8, check the pic here

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4G Services launch in Sweden and Norway

Thanks to our netas, 3G services are yet to see the light of the day in India, 4G service has now being launched in Norway and Sweden, 4G service boasts of speeds up to 100 Mbps ten times faster that its 3G predecessor, read more here

Don't worry if people call you Baby Face

A new Danish study says that people who look younger to their age were far more likely to survive to a higher age, check out the article here

2012 Parody

Check out this funny video here featuring zombies, alien attack, climate change and much more, good one

also featuring a funny image here which draws a spoof on 2012: The road to hell

12 Artsy Animals that actually paint

Here's a list of Animals who have being found capable enough to paint some colors to express themselves, try giving a canvas to your pet dog and sell it as a masterpiece, easy way to get rich huh?

This is really weird: Falling TV sets killing children

Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio has come up with some statistics between 1990 and 2007 300 deaths were caused by falling of TV sets in which children were the victims in most cases, check out this article here

Why online buying helps nature

Check out this article which points out an observation made on the impact of recent holiday season sale in November where consumers rushing to stores on Black Friday Sale had 50 times negative impact on environment compared to the Cyber Monday Sale

Nokia 5800 free applications
S60 5th Edition Freeware Downloads for Nokia 5800 & N97 | SymbianWorld - your S60 and Symbian resource for News, Applications and more

Make Windows 7 more awesome

Here are some tips and tricks to make your Windows 7 experience more enjoyable and awesome, you would find tips on Installation and Interface tweaks, on Taskbar and adding applets, Explorer and optimizing power usage, error handling and improving overall performance.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Facebook Manners

Social Networking usage on a rise, after Orkut, Facebook has seen a surge in the count of Indian users, also to this date in terms of numbers Orkut does have a higher registered user base, however the time spent on Facebook by Indian web users is much ahead of the time spent on Orkut now, i think to some extent the popular games like Mafia and Farmville have contributed to this craze, so here's an interesting article i found for users who would want to learn some Facebook Manners.

The Decade's Ten Scariest Moments On Film

Check out the list of decade's top 10 scariest moments in movies, my favorite in this list is Drag me to Hell, The Ring and Paranormal Activity, check the article here by Cinema Blend

Interesting Facts about Tobacco Smoking Revealed

5 million people die every year due to Tobacco smoking, it's a number higher than HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria related deaths combined, check the image in the article your cigarette contains a package of 4,000 chemicals, if you still like to enjoy one, think about it, check the article here

Year 2009 in pictures

Check out a set of 48 pictures from TIME which defined the year 2009, pics here

Monday, December 07, 2009

India E&M industry to grow at 11% CAGR by 2013

Indian entertainment and media (E&M) industry is expected to grow at a rate of 11% by 2013, expected to reach Rs.932 billion by 2013.

Here are some highlights to this report:
  • Television industry to grow 15% cumulatively over next five years, TV advertising industry to command a share of 41% in 2013
  • Indian Print media to grow by 5.6% over the period 2009-13
  • Indian radio advertising industry to grow at a CAGR of 18% over 2009-13
  • The Outlook foresee the animation, gaming and VFX industry to maintain its growth pace and to grow at a CAGR of 22% to Rs. 42.5 billion in 2013 from its current size of Rs. 15.6 billion
  • Out of home (OOH) advertising spend is estimated to reach at Rs. 30 billion by 2013 and witness marginal decrease in total ad pie at 6.8% in 2013.
  • Internet advertising is projected to grow by 32% over the next five years and reach an estimated Rs. 20 billion in 2013 from the present level of Rs. 10 billion.
You can read more on this here

(Article Courtesy: Media Mughals)

Bad Idea Sirji ?

Idea Telecom has walked out of Sponsorship to Mukesh Abani's IPL team Mumbai Indians 2 years before the deal's expiry time, the company is now believed to have shown interest in tying up with GMR group owned Delhi Daredevils, read more on this here, The ironical part here is that Hrithik was the star promoter for Mumbai Indians and he is now the brand ambassador for Reliance Telecom, company owned by Mukesh's brother Anil, read more on this here

A picture says it all

We have seen many humorous Nike images in many of our mail forwards, i think the picture above says it all and exposes the truth of child labor.

Spam Menace

Too many spam calls have being invading my phone since last 2 weeks, banks have got active again i think, calls for personal loans and investments have started again, also spam messages of all kinds also are invading my message inbox, i find myself cleaning up these spam messages most of the time from my mailbox and SMS inbox.

Movie Review: De Dana Dan and Kurbaan

Before the release of Kurbaan, comparisons were drawn to New York movie, the plot to the movie is more or less similar however the treatment of both stories is completely different, New York was a very casually handled movie, and the biggest stupidity i found in the story was that even Katrina's character knew that John Abraham who played Samir's character was involved in terrorist activity, she was actually waiting for him to leave the wrong path, rather than she doing anything, and New York's story was revolving around the story of 3 freinds and how their lives changed after 9/11 incident, whereas Kurbaan explores the plot on a completely different level.

There is no melodrama to the story, from both lead actors Saif and Kareena, i think Kareena had to salvage her credibility as a actress of calibre which had recently drawn flak to the roles she had done in Kambakht Ishq and Main Aur Mrs Khanna, The background score by Salim Suleiman is riveting and is a big plus for the movie, this movie tends to go a bit slow in some parts, debutant director Rensil D'silva has directed the movie well, sadly this movie has performed below average, at least in my view it is much better than New York.

The Second movie saw this weekend, this movie is a real torcher to your brains, don't even watch it for free if it airs on any channel and i know it would very soon, i spoiled my sunday and cursed myself for watching this movie, Akshay Kumar is on spree of delivering flop films after Chandni Chowk to China, he keeps arguing with the press and media that critics are going harsh on his movies, and one should not try to search for a logic in a comedy film, but his movies are crossing barries of stupidity film after film, this movie would evoke more frustration than comedy in you, towards the end of the movie you actually start scratching your head, figuring out how the story is evolving ( or you can say degrading), Priyadarshan repeats almost all actors which he has being working with in most of his comedy films, Katrina should now stop doing such movies just for the sake of being on good terms with Akshay, i could not relate her role and Sameera Reddy's role to the movie story, the only way you can sum up this movie is loud hamming with a large starcast and a common helter skelter running sequence in the end of almost all Priyadarshan comedy flicks, i wonder why they shot such movie in Singapore, where the major part of the movie was based in a Hotel, also Songs add to further pain in the story.

I had watched Blue on Colors and thought would somebody had really gone to the big screen to watch such flop flim, then i realised yes, people like me do get fooled watching  a movie like De Dana Dan on big screen.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Meteor Footage Video

Bumped upon a video on youtube which shows a bright Meteor lightning up the night sky on 18th of Nov this year, we have seen loads of meteor showers on the big screen with those special effect, this one really looks different.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saif Kareena Tiff story Cooked up

What could have been a regular "nok-jhonk" which happens between every couple, has being cooked up into a story of rising tiff between Saif ali khan and Kareena, using words like "All is not well" , "Kareena angry with Saif"
some news reporter spotted kareena texting frequently on her cell, so this reporter zoomed his camera on to her mobile and found this is what Saif's SMS to Bebo reads - “Sorry baby... was talking about your role only.” Bebo replied, “You were rude, Saif! I am hurt.” watch out for more mindless news specials on Aaj Tak and India TV

It's true that stars and celebreties have no privacy these days and there are so many eyes and cameras ready to snatch the smallest moment of their private lives and splash it in media cooking up spicy and useless stories, which is evident from the controvery that has grown from a simple personal opinion expressed by Sachin Tendulkar which drew ire from the sena cheif, now even this has being published in Saamna and not a verbal attack from sena cheif in personal to sachin, so could this anger vented against sachin be drafted craftfully by the edit team of Saamna, and Sachin till date has never spoken anything on politics, he answered to a question which came from a reporter.

Read the saif-kareena article here, and a feature on controvery related to Sachin Tendulkar here

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mild Earthquake Hits Maharashtra
A Mild Earthquake on a Richter scale of 4.75 hits Koyna region between 6:45 pm - 6:50 pm today evening, tremors were felt in Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, as per some geologist who was on Star Majha was informing that the earthquakes sesmic waves could have travelled between 300-350 kms range based on the Richter scale it has struck, i did feel the tremors while i was on the couch playing with my kid.

Well i had watched 2012 today at Inox, Typhoon Phyan has sprung enough problems for us already, i am more worried about the drama India TV and Aaj Tak with some other cheapo channels would cook up, harping again and again on doomsday "SPECIAL" shows, even the gods would get frustrated and end the world before 2012, i hope they don't watch these channels up there.

November rains are unsual in India, however the climatic conditions in our country are no longer unaffected by the Global Warming phenomenon, it's just that we do not appreciate what we have right now with us, Wall-E movie was one good movie which again made us realize how proud are we on our scientific developments, our commercial growth, knowing that we are growing by digging our own graves, it sounds exciting to find water on moon, but is it a good excuse to find a new home after destroying the place where we stay right now.

On a lighter note, after watching 2012 i just know now, when apocalypse hits earth, find a "Made in China" built Ark to board, you would be safe!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Knock Out Movie Shooting At Magarpatta

Since past one week a movie unit is shooting at Magarpatta for a movie which stars Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan, and is rumored to be the shoot for the hindi remake of Phonebooth movie named "Knock out", the set construction started post diwali during the night when i used to leave office, they have build up a cafe, some road side stalls, a STD/ISD phone booth, with traffic signal and traffic signs, they have tried showing Bandra Kurla Complex area in the shooting, i saw a scene shooting where the junior artistes were supposed to run helter skelter on the road in a scene depticting road violence and police officials running behind the miscreants, Sanjay Dutt also celebrated somebody's birthday on the set, this thursday.

All the employees from the offices at Magarpatta and even the Magarpatta residents thronged to watch the shooting and take a pic of Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay Dutt's vanity van designed by DC was also spotted at the set.

Some links to the movie shooting news: Sanjay Dutt on Ketosis diet to look young in ‘Knock Out’ , Twitter feed of Vikrant deshmukh, Sanjay Dutt and Kangna Ranaut in Mani Shankar’s Knock Out, Pic 2, Pic 3

Friday, November 06, 2009

Samsung S5230 witnesses Bench Mark Selling of 10 million handsets

Samsung's S5230 handset which is popularly known as Samsung Star has raced to 10 million handset sales figure, which is quite an achievement for the company because the touchscreen handset market has already got overcrowded, and this segment is no longer ruled by high-end handsets, In India this handset is available in the Wi-Fi version as well, now retailing under Rs 10,000 it offers a good deal to buyers i'm listing down a short review on this handset.


3 inch screen
Full Fledged Internet Browser (Fast as well, without 3G)
DNSe (Digital Natural Sound Engine)
3 Mpx Camera Smile detection camera feature which offers good picture quality for pics clicked during daytime
Multiple Desktops


No flash
Camera not suitable for low-light and night photography
limited themes and apps available
No USB based file transfer available, need to use samsung software

This handset is light weight and acceloremeter is responsive the handset OS also fast, check out the article here

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What does Google become in India ?

A vendor in Bandra - Mumbai is selling the famous Indian Slush Puppie - crushed ice with flavored syrup on top which we call it as gola, he is creative enough to take the Gogola out of Google, check his website here, he is taking party orders as well!

Wallpaper and Theme Downloads for Nokia 5800 is offering some links for Nokia 5800 users to download collection of wallpapers and themes, links below enjoy!

100 Themes for 5800 | 150 Wallpaper Pack | 200 Wallpapers Mega Pack

Monday, November 02, 2009

Shrinking Indian Family Size - Is this the solution to population explosion

Indian Families have been addressed with words like "The Great", "The Big" Indian Family for long, however the current generation is seeing a drastic change in the family structure, which began in late nineties first when we saw emerging trend of Nuclear Families on the rise in India parting ways from the close knit Joint Family system, now we are witnessing a significant drop in this nuclear family as well, there are many factors which are contributing to the shrinking family size in the Urban India, it is true that we have had lot's of chacha's ,mama's, fufa's and other relatives from our maternal and paternal families, but i am sure my kid would not have such big family to deal with, more reading ahead here from an article on Yahoo India

Gorgeous Auto Show Babes

2009 Geneva Motor Show Babe 1 2009s Most Gorgeous Auto Show Babes

Treat for those who prefer to look at some beautiful women besides heart throb wheels we love, check out some pics here

The Most Beautiful Places Of China

Take a look at a set of 113 pictures of some really eye catching images of locales from China.

Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected Nov. 17

Check out this report from which lists November 17th as a possible date of a Strong Leonid Meteor shower which would be strongly visible across across most of central and eastern Asia. The Leonid radiant is within the so-called "Sickle" of Leo; a backwards question-mark pattern of stars that outlines the head and mane of the constellation Leo, the Lion.  Hence the meteors are known as "Leonids." check out more about this astronomical event here

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diwali celebrations

I woke up early morning with the noise of crackers resonating in our surroundings, kind of a wake up alarm of the big day, kids in our society were enjoying bursting those noisy crackers and bombs, as i stood in my gallery gazing at the sky waiting to be lit up by the lamp of sun, took this pic of the lantern against the early morning sky backdrop, i was craving to feast on Jalebi Fafda today, it has been 5 years i have come to Pune i never thought of having Jalebi Fafda which was a regular breakfast item in our family while i was in Mulund.

Somehow today my craving for Jalebi Fafda was more strong and i set out at 7:30 am to a nearby sweet shop, where the owner had opened up the store but was not started for the day, so i waited again for half hour, skipping my morning tea, i got disappointed when that guy told me that today no Garam Nashta would be kept, all i could see in his shop was sweet boxes everywhere, i really wondered if he would be able to sell all of them by end of diwalli festivals, a thought also slipped in to my mind of all the news flashing these days on TV, where officials were hunting down mithai adultertation scams throughout the country.

I set out to Koregaon Park, at Rajput dairy also only parathas were available, i went again further to a shop at bund garden, he also told me that they have stopped keeping snack items for diwali and only have sweets, i gave up and returned home to settle for some home made breakfast, still remembering while having my tea the tatse of Kothari Sweets Jalebi Fafda i used to have in Mulund.

My kiddo was all dressed up in his new diwali clothes, i set out in the evening to visit Dagdusheth Halwai temple, the temple was less crowded so we could finish our darshan properly and took some sweets from Kaka Halwai and came back home to do our Diwali Pooja, this was my first diwali with my kid in Pune at my home, last year my wife and my kid both were in Mumbai at my in-laws place, so i felt nice spending time together with them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A History of Windows Advertisements

Take a look at this video from You Tube which looks back at the hits and misses of Microsoft's windows advertisements

Monday, September 28, 2009

Champions Trophy 2009 - India Vs. Pakistan Match

Indian team gave into the spin bowling attack of Pakistan Team this Saturday, after clashing with the arch rivals almost after a year, Indian bowling looked miserable against Pakistan middle order batting display, above that with our class players out of action, we were more vulnerable in all departments of the game.

I felt only Gambhir and Raina were going fearlessly after the Pakistani Bowlers, while Rahul Dravid did provide a costly presence at the pitch, expecting his partners to fire, he did get Gambhir run out, as he casually dragged himself back to the crease and got himself out. Dhoni and Yusuf Pathan never looked comfortable while they came at the crease and i think they were in two minds whether to go after the bowling or play defensive.

Dhoni had somewhere lost the battle mentally after watching his bowlers being pounded for runs, defeating Australian team in a good form after winning onde day series in England, their task seems to be more daunting to stay alive in this series.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pirangut Trip Log

Let's go in an Alto !

It was a very long time since i had been on a outing with my wife after we had our kid, after our trip to Goa last year, i was keen to visit Lavasa at Ekaant Resort, however when i checked in with the hotel reservation desk, they informed me that all their rooms were booked for weekends up to October, so i checked up other hotels in near vicinity of Lavasa and was also thinking of visiting Mulshi, i checked some info about Centurion spring hills holiday resort and decided to give it a try since it was on road to Lavasa, i could not find much reviews about the hotel, however thought to give it a try.

The drive to the hotel is just about an hour from Pune, taking the exit from chandni chowk towards the road to Mulshi, as you cross Manas lake resort, go ahead and once you spot a petrol pump, take the road left ahead which has a sign board indicating route ahead to Centurion Spring Hills resort, I took a holiday package inclusive of room tariff and food given on their website and was offered 20% discount on it, the hotel stay was good, our room was hygenic, with a good view of hills from the gallery, the hotel has a restaurant which has decent variety of food offered, Indian, Continental and Oriental food is available both veg and non-veg, however you do not have much variety in terms of Indian food. If you want to visit Lavasa and cannot get an accomodation there, this hotel is surely a very good option because the surrounding vicinity does not have much to see, but the drive through mutha ghats is very scenic and pleasent towards Lavasa.

It had rained a bit while we caught a nap in the afternoon, the sky was still somewhat cloudy, after we had our tea we set out just to roam around and check if we could spot some bhajiya's at some eatry in the nearby village which is 2kms from the hotel, the roads are very narrow and you need to watch the road while driving, herds of cows and bullocks would keep coming your way from the village, luckily the road condition was good and we stopped by a cliff on the Mutha Ghat road and took some pics from there of the village below, however we could not find a decent food joint to binge on a wadapav or spicy bhajiya's, we did sight some road side eateries but decided to give it a miss just not to take any risk eating outside food due to the on-going swine flu scare in pune.

We came back to hotel after a good drive, clicking pictures of sky turning beautiful by the sunset, we had our snacks at the hotel in evening and the next day after having our breakfast we headed towards Lavasa, the drive was very good throughout, there was lush greenery all around due to rain god's still pouring in the month of september, Mutha Ghat drive was really refreshing and as we approached Lavasa, we took a Halt near the dam at Lavasa foothills, and clicked pictures of the landscape for there, and while we drove few steep curves up towards Lavasa, we realised that we were already late and had to checkout from the Hotel, so we headed back again from the fourth turn i took at the Lavasa road, also i was bit low on my confidence to drive up on very narrow and steep curves to Lavasa, i had never driven in such condition also my car had frequent highway trips and was due for maintainance, i was not willing to take risks with my brakes, so i headed back downwards, rushing back to hotel, clicked some pics of some bird species spotted in the hotel compound, a Munia bird was actually building a nest behind the bathroom glass window, which i recorded in my camera, we had our lunch and checked out coming back to Pune city, the drive back to pune was also good as it had started raining on the way.

I'm planning to visit Lavasa this year maybe in November or December, had a really good trip which was long due for us, check out my trip pics here.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Create your own nametag on the Internet

A lot of internet users these day's find themselves entangled in building the REAL persona of themselves on the internet, and end up with fragmented pieces of their self identity through multiple social networking site accounts, so here's Hi I'm, a social network aggregating service that consolidates the different fragments of your persona that are scattered across social networks. it refreshes the content updated by you across your social networking profiles, you can put a link to your YouTube profile, Linked in id, Twitter Id, Flickr Photos

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Derogatory Ad Campaign: Tata Photon Plus

I spotted this ad campaign playing on rediff site today, while i was logged in to my mail box, i am baffled with the intention of above advertisement, it portrays a maid quoting that " I carry Shiney's number", now does this mean that Shiney has got popular amongst maid's for the heinous act he did with his maid, or does the above ad signify something else, don't know, but surely this incident is something that should not be joked about or portrayed in ads in this way.

I found this AD offending so thought of putting it across, what is your view on this, kindly post your comments

Friday, September 04, 2009

Now a DNA Bank for you!

If Swiss Bank was not enough to store all the "Black" and "White" money of the world, check this crazy stuff named Swiss DNA Bank, what they offer is Internet based service that provides a unique combination of forever personal digital data and DNA storage. In your own secure web page you may store all of your memories, your files, your pictures and videos. A banking level security system guarantees total privacy. Along with your memories they will store safely your DNA in their secure Swiss nuclear shelters. Small revenue generated by your payment fee will provide forever for the storage.

Read the philosophy behind this concept to mint money:

Every person is composed of two parts: the body and the life experiences, his memories, his heart. At the end of our life, unfortunately, this is all lost. Why not store it in a safe place? Do so not only for yourself, but also for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and to make them remember you, know you and take advantage of your lifetime experiences. Saving your DNA sample can also be useful to prevent and cure genetic diseases."

Do you know what this means?, if they get customer's like Osama,
Laloo Yadav and so on........

Read the reason why Switzerland is a safe heaven for your DNA and the bankers who stash big bucks in this country

For centuries Switzerland has been one of the most stable countries, both financially and politically. Its neutral position and strategic location in central Western Europe has made it an obvious choice for UN headquarters and many other international organizations. Switzerland is home to our headquarters and we proudly guarantee forever lasting stability, privacy and safety."

What does the above thing indicate, in an event of a catastrophe, UN would unlock all the money vaults and keep the money ;-), and now we know where to head during an Apocalypse :-)

You can store your family photos, a diary page to remember a special occasion, a copy of your driver’s license, or just another day of your life, through a life browser to organize chronologically your information, A saliva sampling kit will be mailed to you as soon they receive your subscription request. You will receive a package containing the kit and the Swiss DNA Card. after you send saliva sample in the test tube they we will safely store it in a nuclear shelter.

Okay, so if you really think your are one of those rare kinds amongst the other homo sapient's, and you would like to freeze a part of your body code and secure it some place, you should really try this service.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nokia's New Handset's and 3G Booklet
Nokia has come up with 3 new handsets and it's much touted 3G Booklet at the Nokia World 2009.

The first of the 3 handsets released in Nokia X6, which is a music phone with 3.2 inch touch screen, contacts bar and home screen which has become a default offering in all new touch screen phones released post Nokia 5800, the screen layout seems spacious and good for movie viewing and photo browsing, the X6 phone looks slimmer too, this phone has 32 GB of Internal memory, also comes with Music, the download service offered from Nokia for songs, on the imaging front Nokia X6 equips 5-megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics with dual LED flash, also offering video editing, check out more about this handset here

Nokia N900 is a Tablet device for the first time adpopting Linux OS, Maemo 5, it has a 3.5 inch touch screen, it has ARM Cortex-A8 processor, with up to 1GB of application memory and OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics acceleration, a good potential to deliver slick graphics, also offering good support to multi-tasking with apps on the phone since the Maemo OS was first developed for computers, the storage grows more big here, with already 32 GB memory offered with the handset, you can expand it up to 48 GB, with a microSD card, here's an extract of the internet capabilities listed on Nokia World 2009 site for Nokia N900  "The N900 is geared up to let you browse the web as you would on a PC, with a browser based on Mozilla technology, meaning websites look exactly as they would appear on your desktop. Watching online video and enjoying online apps is also made possible thanks to full Adobe Flash 9.4 support. Couple this with speedy internet access, realized via HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, and the N900 promises to deliver the best pocket-friendly online experience to date."

Read more about this device here

Nokia X3 is a slider phone with Nokia S40 OS, a toned down version of X6, it has a 3.2 Megapixel Camera no mention of Carl Zeiss optics and flash, 2.2 Inch screen, 16GB storage offered via MicroSD card, it also has a mention of Windows Media Player 11 on the phone, expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of 200, read more about this phone here

And now the Nokia 3G Booklet, which packs a lot of potential to make some serious inroads in the swelling netbook market, the claim made on battery performance of 16 cell, 56.8 Wh, Li-Ion prismatic is up to 12 Hrs, however Nokia has being humble enough to mention that on a daily regular usage it may not last up to 12 Hrs always, it comes with all 3 versions of Windows 7 and Intel Atom Z530, 1.6 GHz processor, also with an HDMI port, also housing a Accelerometer, Assisted-GPS, with an estimated 575 Euros, which rougly comes to 40,000 INR and this pricing is very high in terms of a 3G Netbook, whereas you could probably get a high powered netbook by the time this Netbook from Nokia arrives in India, read more about Nokia 3G Booklet here

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Swine Flu Panic - How prepared are we ?
Pune has being in the spotlight on the H1N1 Virus spread in India, the count of positive H1N1 virus cases is growing very fast, adding to the panic factor was the death of 14 year old student Rida Shaikh, who died due to unclear guidelines from the health ministry to tackle this epidemic, confusing statements have being made from the health ministry on the role of Private hospitals in handling H1N1 patients.

This confusion has added to the frenzy amongst people in Pune who are swarming to test centers even if they have normal cough and cold, today's Times of India newspaper had a good quote on swine flu issue under the "water cooler" moment column, the number of deaths swine flu has caused has made many people wear masks, comparatively the number of people dying from AIDS is way much higher, still people don't like to wear the rubber?, GOOD ONE.

WHO predicts that Swine Flu is here to stay and it cannot be eradicated completely, even if the vaccine for H1N1 Virus is developed, the only good part for us would be that i would curb it's further spread, epidemic scares are not new, to human race, India has faced plague issues many times.

Media channels as usual are milking this issue for TRP's, in the guise of making people aware of swine flu issues, there is no genuine effort to educate people about the do's and dont's to prevent swine flu, news channels would keep reporting the number of patients and apathy of government in dealing with this situation, whereas nothing much can be done about it, since we are staying in India, Human life is no value to some politician, or a health department, if i die due to swine flu or some one else dies, it's going to be in news for some days, later is business as usual, life as usual.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reality show now showing "Reality" ?

There is some real crap on air these days, in addition to the regular crap shown by news channels, when they run out of ideas, everything that happens around you turns into breaking news, shows like Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, Sach ka Saamna are given special shows on channels like India TV and Aaj Tak, it's like a small recap of episodes one can watch if they miss watching the main show, an indirect way of boosting TRP's

Well the controversy that has turned ugly is of Splitsvilla 2, Wonder why contestants like Swagata, Varun and Nailini are coming out with allegations after the show is over, and even if the contestants on show could have got personal with the staff, what has any one got to do with it, who cares, if there is some MMS of some contestant released, why make a fuss of what someone does in his/her private life, these contestants are just trying to grab some eyeballs, some cheap publicity stunt probably, news channels would use them for their TRP's for few days and for the coming days, they would be one's running around in court trying to prove their allegations correct of what they have told to press and on TV.

I have learned this lesson very well in life, there is nothing that you think is right or wrong for the person doing that thing, you have your morals, keep it to yourself, if you try correcting things around you according to your morals, you will fail, and be hated for what you are trying to do.

Things like RTI, press are like a illusion in the name of meduims to bring out the truth, nothing will change, these things not just exist in glamour world but all walks of life, in personal relationships, at academics, work, some things are better left untouched and even if you try changing them be ready to face the music, becuase showing guts is not enough, facing the storm post it is what matters.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the creative minds - Designer's Couch

Designers’ Couch is a nice platform to showcase your portfolios, while having the chance to network with other key players within the industry.

I'm Bakk

Yes, i actually drifted away from my blog for quite a long time i suppose,  have being keeping busy with lot of other things, my kid is turning 1 year old this Friday so this whole month i have being busy making the celebration arrangements, also i was twittering a lot which i realized i needed to control, anyways i'm back to blogging

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Food Adulteration - The new hot topic for Media

It was back to back Taliban news that were making waves on channels like Aaj Tak, IBN 7, News 24 and India TV and now its special shows related to food adulteration that are airing on all these channels, i am really getting sick and tired watching even catching a glimpse of these shows, the drama they create in explanining a simple fact that everthing in this world that we eat or drink currently is adulterated, products like milk, dalda oil, fruits.

These same news keeps rotating on the news channels, whereas very little can be done about these scams.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Watchmen Movie Review

I was interested to watch the watchmen movie, however it took a long time for this movie to release in Pune, finally i got to see it this weekend, however i had read the watchmen comic before hand as i knew it was not just another super-hero movie which one could sit through, the story is dark and complex.

I had read few reviews about the film where critics had labeled this movie as a failure since they felt it did not meet the charm of the comic series, i was awed by the gripping story telling of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, in spite of this comic released way back in 1986-87, the comic series also has an interwoven story of The tales of the black freighter, which was cut out of movie.

Zack Snyder adapts the movie in a perfect way from the graphic novel, the best part is i enjoyed watching the movie as much as reading the comic series, while reading the comic series i found characters of Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach were much strong in terms of story telling, however the movie did equal justice to all characters as it explored the phases of a superhero group that is split and most of the members retired, re-group post the death of the senior most member of their group, Blake Edwards the comedian played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, who is killed and Rorschach is on the trail of the killer who is out to pin down this group of long forgotten superheroes.

Jackie Earle Haley plays the role of Rorschach to perfection, Rorschach's character is identified with moral absolutism, who has seen the real face of the savage nature of the human society hidden beneath the clothes of civil behavior, Malin Akerman plays the Silk Spectre II, she takes on the reigns of the super women act from her mother and has being staying with Dr. Manhattan at a military research center, eventually deserts Dr. Manhattan due to his growing display of non human feelings, Bill Crudup plays the blue super hero, who turns to matter changing, teleporting hero due to a lab accident strays away from his long time lover and drifts towards Silk Spectre II, Matthew Goode plays Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, one of the members of the watchmen group who has made his identity public an turned it to a money making business, Patrick Wilson plays the Nite Owl, the only member of the watchmen group with fancy gadgets, a owl eye shaped aircraft he eventually falls in love with Silk Spectre later in the movie.

This movie combines a good mix of action, story telling, suspense element, with good emotional content amidst the backdrop an impending nuclear threat to the world during the time of cold war between USA and Russia during the mid 80's. this movie almost 3 hours in length, considering the 12 series long comic book being crunched into a movie the director had to strech the movie length to do proper justice to the story.

one of the scenes which i really liked in the movie is where the Night Owl dreams kissing silk spectre on Mars and a nuclear explosion rocks the planet, rising cloud of fire, well it's something different to see from the regular swiss alps backdrop seen in our Hindi movies while the hero kisses the heroine.