Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Can technology replace doctor's?

The last time I knew of doctor community getting irked was by some remarks made by Aamir Khan on his TV show "Satyamev Jayate", which raised some uncomfortable questions on the ethics and morality of this profession, I happened to read this piece on a claim of similar nature made by technology evangelist of Silicon valley, Vinod Khosla the co-founder of Sun microsystems.

Vinod was sharing his views on a summit hosted by a health care company, he quoted that machines with large data sets and computing capabilities have the potential to touch 80% accuracy of a doctor, rendering health care not just affordable but also more accurate, he went to the extent of saying maybe one day we may not need a doctor!

He was probably signalling to the theory of vested interest of business community that somewhere drives the profit in health care would control the level at which affordability can be brought to masses and in similar comparison he has given his view on hybrid cars, which he feels do not give an option of clean transportation alternative, and the source of energy behind is still coming from resources we are already abusing.

These comments from Vinod Khosla have not gone well with the medical community and probably would continue to be debated in different forms, read more about this article here, however do you think technology can overturn the so called "dark side" of medical profession?

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