Friday, December 17, 2010

YouTube Rewind - Most Watched Videos of 2010

If you have still not checked the trending videos of the year on YouTube, check it out on this link It features the top ten list of videos watched in India and surprisingly the song Crazy Kiya Re from Dhoom 2 is also on the list at number 5, Dil Bole Hadippa title remix song on number 2, the controversial nude back scene from Kurbaan also features in the list at number 8, "Tere Liye" the song from movie "Prince" features at number 3 (Atif Aslam magic worked for this song).

You can even check the top trending international videos also, i can admit that i got seriously hooked to YouTube this year. It started off watching gaming walkthroughs, trailers, music videos however i stumbled upon really witty and timepass stuff exploring YouTube further. I think it would serve as an ideal idiot box replacement for me :-)
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Interesting 2010 Pic set - colors of LIFE

Check out this link which has high-res collection of 50 interesting pictures captured in the year 2010, some of these are really thought provoking and makes me think, we should be thankful of what we have and stop cribbing about what we don't have or we do not get.

(Source: DenverPost Photo Blog)

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"The Ring" girl actor NOW

Check out how "The Ring" movie girl looks now! the same girl that scared us in the movie

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