Sunday, September 02, 2012

Rise of Social Bots

Skynet was the earliest concept on self aware machines imagined via Terminator movie series, The web has being carrying years of online data which is enough to feed a virtual AI system with this collection of our online experience that would mirror the behavior of our society as a whole in a parallel bot univerese if brought to life.

Our social networks also are profiling user activity to create a complex adaptive system for bots to learn from this social chatter we have built, which may allow them to gain identity, make friends and develop relationships.

Pepsi is also experimenting with a "Social Vending Machine" that would allow you to gift a drink to a friend and this machine would also give free drinks to strangers as a random act of freshness, read more about this here.

On a similar note VMware is also working on the SocialCast enterprise social network which would facilitate adoption of social media technology to corporate data environment, read more about this i detail from an article on TechCrunch. Do you think Social Network's could prove to be the missing human link towards enriching an AI system that would one day power the dream of robotics and future as we have seen in movies?

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