Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nokia Fanboy Rage

A rather attacking comment i read on a blog by a Nokia Fanboy against the iphone

Screen/User Interface:
iDon’t have themes support.
iDon’t have a scalable OS, apps on the iPad are simply stretched to fit.
iDon’t have a desktop, entire UI is organized as a single “start” menu.
iDon’t have parallax (finger/screen offset) adjusting – low precision especially on small objects.
iDon’t have a touch friendly screen, gloves, pens, styluses and not even fingernails work!
iDon’t have neither haptic nor any other type feedback whatsoever.
iDon’t have any precision compared to resistive touchscreens.
iDon’t have a standard(16:10, 16:9, 4:3) aspect ratio only Apple custom ones(3:2) will fit my screen.

iDon’t have USB charging without a dock adapter.
iDon’t have any safety garment for the battery(1) melting is known to occur in Apple products(2)
iDon’t have warranty for damage made by “external” force aka. the above.

GSM connectivity:
iDon’t have full 3G HSDPA speed (7mb/s vs. 2008 smatphones that have 10mb/s).
iDon’t have full GPRS/EDGE speed (CLASS 10 is four times slower than CLASS 33!)
iDon’t have a decent GSM/GPS/WiFi signal(1) the connection is far worse than on 3GS(2)
iDon’t handle videocall via the network, gTalk etc.

WLAN connectivity:
iDon’t have DLNA (streaming HD content wireless on a HDTV).
iDon’t have UPnP technology (automatic WiFi setup) some networks simply don’t work.

Bluetooth connectivity:
iDon’t A2DP right (BT stereo) right: lags on videos(1) and games(2).
iDon’t have rSAP, Remote SIM Access Profile(1) – iDon’t work with your in-car hands free(2).
iDon’t fully support AVRCP (BT remote)(1) industry standard(2) can’t skip tracks.
iDon’t support any Bluetooth services when pairing with a MacBook.
iDon’t have any BT file sharing my BT is almost useless!

Cable connectivity:
iDon’t have standard USB connectivity(1) only custom cables(2)
iDon’t give a damn about the environment: short cables but tons of iAccesories.

Misc connectivity:
iDon’t have PC/MAC/LINUX connectivity without iTunes.
iDon’t have IR, can’t control: basic household items(1) TV, HDTV(2) DSLR camera(3) MAC(4)

iDon’t have stereo speakers.
iDon’t have radio.
iDon’t have FM transmitter.
iDon’t have decent camera (small sensor and 72 DPI, which is less than most 5mp phones)
iDon’t have fine detail in pictures, high noise reduction smears the finer details.
iDon’t have video stabilization.
iDon’t have exposure control (ISO).

iDon’t eject my sim without a special key.
iDon’t have a removable battery.
iDon’t have hot swappable memory.
iDon’t sell cheap but my value at FOXCONN in China(1), where I am made, is ~190$(2)

iOS 4.0

iDon’t have audio/video streaming for 90% of the multimedia sites.
iDon’t offer a real web experience, various sites only offer a phone version.
iDon’t have Flash or Flash Lite – flash sites, apps or games simply do not work.
iDon’t have push idle so battery drains fast even on push.
iDon’t have push e-mail if i’m jailbroken, even if you pay!
iDon’t render HTML5 graphics, nor can iHandle HTML5 controls.
iDon’t process HTML attachments correctly.

File management:
iDon’t have access to my internal folders by any means – no app in the iStore allows this!
iDon’t even have access to set mp3s as ringtones.
iDon’t have MIDP/JAVA support.
iDon’t handle DivX, XviD, FLV native video.
iDon’t handle ZIP, RAR or SFX – no app in the iStore allows this!