Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Short Video feature: Pune Street Food

Check out an interesting short documentary feature made by a Pune student on street food in the city, commendable editing with subtitles to support Marathi translation, a touch of good background music would have improved the overall feel of the video.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Give your android device a windows mobile OS makeover

The new live tiles interface on Windows 8 desktop and mobile looks cool, with some interesting apps on Google play store you can provide your android phone/tablet a windows OS makeover, here's a look at few apps.

Launcher 8: This app provides WP8 style UI to your android home screen allowing enough customization features to workaround with, initially this app was not so stable, however the developer has worked actively on user feedback and keeps improving app functionality on regular basis.(Free download)

Messaging 7: Get WP7 Style Message pop up's with options to customize bubble color's along with emoticon support, this app is also under alpha phase and the developer is active on Google play working on App improvements, worth trying along with Metro Messaging Beta app, both free to download

Noozy: Noozy is a Zune style music player which looks elegant and smooth to operate, unfortunately it has being taken down from Google Play Store now, even without the windows theme factor this player is one of the best I have come across on android. 

You can listen to your music collection on the phone, it also features a video player. This app features a live music section which connects you to streaming audio content across various music categories, allows you to browse top artists, top tracks under charts section, also If you like listening to Podcasts you would not be disappointed.

Customization options based on windows tile theme is available in the app along with the sound enhancement options which you can try along with the equalizer feature. (Free app)

Windows 8 Ex Lumia Theme Pro: This one's a screen lock WP customization app, which requires go locker pre-installed for use. It comes with tile animation along with the clock display on the top, allowing you to set short cut to your favourite apps.(Paid app: INR 50)

Metrostation WP icon pack: There are few custom made WP themes based on UCCW launcher which are available on google play store, most of them are paid, you can download Metrostation WP Icon pack which works with ADW.Launcher or ADWLauncher EX. It has a massive library of close to 442 icons which can be customised for colour works well with contrasting scheme on wp tile. 

Another useful app that may work well with WP customization options listed above is Color Wallpaper, which is a simple wallpaper app that allows you to choose from various colour shades to set as home screen wallpaper which can be used along with Launcher8 app to improve tiles visbility. 

In case you happen to know some more windows customization apps which you have used on your android device, please share it in your comments to this article.