Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lenovo S890 Review

The medium-end, high-end smartphone market is ever-expanding. The market players come up with latest set of hardware specifications and bulkier screen sizes. However, the most popular segment for smartphone buyers is that of 5 inch device category.  The users get more advantage with a bigger display and also offers high portability quotient.
Lenovo recently introduced S890 with 5 inch screen, Android Jelly Bean software and latest hardware specifications. Look-wise, Lenovo has designed a commendable product. The device has a glossy white finish and metallic trimmings on the side which gives it a classy and great feel. The makers have introduced a magic flip cover for the phone. Magic flip cover enables the auto display on and off feature for S890.  The advantage of this flip cover is that the user doesn’t need to manually lock the screen by pushing the hardware button, but can simply change the device mode to standby by closing the flip cover.

Lenovo S890 is not equipped with any hardware buttons on the front side. Absence of buttons gives it a cool look.  The phone weighs more than 170 grams; major contribution is made by the bigger 2250 mAh battery.  There is an indicator LED in the earpiece of Lenovo S890. The display of the device is based on IPS technology which gives better contrast and brightness levels.   It also has good color vibrancy.  The device works perfectly when used in bright light conditions.  The color reproduction of the device is excellent. It offers a resolution of 540 X 960 pixels. The phone looks slimmer and smaller than its rivals because of a slim side bezel design on all its four sides.

S890 uses a MediaTek 6577T chipset that includes a 1.2GHz dual core processor along with a PowerVR SGX 544 GPU. This combination renders fluid touch operations and faster execution of commands and application requests. All the games, including HD, run smoothly on the Lenovo S890. The user experience is further enhanced by 1GB RAM and 4GB of internal storage memory.  The Android Jelly bean brings most features and applications to this smartphone.  The camera of the phone is 8 megapixels and is accompanied by a LED Flash. Auto focus feature works nicely and results in best possible sharpness.

Most heavy smartphone users will be happy with the long battery life of this device. With normal gaming, audio-video use and web-browsing, the battery usually lasts for two days between full recharges.
Overall, the device impresses on some fronts, but lacks miserably on others. Lenovo S890 looks stylish, has a good build quality, speedy operation and best battery backup seen in recent times. Downer points are that it doesn’t offer any kind of HD recording and is slightly heavy.

Celluon Magic Cube - Evolution for Keyboards

Celluon Magic Cube–Tap on Table and Get a Keyboard

Celluon Magic Cube is a laser projection keyboard device. It also works as a virtual multi-touch mouse. It is one of the most revolutionary products packed in a small device. The device projects a full-size keyboard on any flat or opaque surface. The magic cube requires very less space to operate. The device can be used for tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. It is compatible with the latest mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and many other products that support Bluetooth. 

It is small and ultra-portable. Equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery, the magic cube can run for hours without any hindrance. The device also has a standby, power on and off mode. It is easy to turn the device on or off by just tapping on the projected surface.

A user needs some initial practice to type on this keyboard as it works on infra-red projection and not with physical keys. Initially, one can learn by using only one or two fingers and then move on to the next step of using both the hands on the keyboard surface to type. The typing is accompanied by a keystroke sound. It also works as a virtual mouse which can be operated by the tip of the finger. It is compatible with Apple iOS 4 or greater, Apple Mac OS X or above, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Google Android.
The magic cube is an accurate, full-size laser projection keyboard and it is light in weight and portable. This device will be available at Reliance Digital stores.

Article penned by experts at Reliance Digital