Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Reliance Retail to Come Up with Digital Express Stores across Mumbai

Reliance Digital, the consumer durables arm of Reliance Retail has come up with customized solutions of technology. Reliance Retail has focused on concept stores to cater to the various needs of Indian consumers. Carrying forward this vision, Reliance Digital is launching customized stores under the brand Reliance Digital Express in Mumbai. These stores will be operational in Bhandup, Bandra and Prabhadevi areas from 18th May 2013.Reliance Digital Express stores would offer consumers a different experience on latest technological devices used in everyday life. 

The idea behind Digital Express was to create awareness about the latest technological advancements taking place across the world today and bringing them together under one roof. At these stores,  you can get various home security systems, all kinds of information about how to use the latest electronic and wireless devices , viz. how to use video calling from your latest gadget, how to stream movies directly from the cloud or how to use high tech camera enabled intercoms. The well-trained team at Digital Express stores will help to solve any queries and also guide you through choosing the best-fit option available that suits your needs.

Reliance Digital Xpress outlets will have latest gadgets including smartphones, ultra books, HD speakers, music players, smart TVs and many more such gadgets which symbolize a better lifestyle. As a part of its launch program, there are many exciting offers on products where you can get discounts, freebies and gift vouchers on any of its stores for the first three days.  

The stores are designed considering the intrinsic requirements of gadget freaks. As for example, it lends a corner to experience each gadget individually in its own environment.  It will create a superior shopping experience for its customers. Branded as the world’s coolest technology store, these series of stores will open new arenas of using customized technology equipment’s. Reliance Digital Express is an addition in the kitty of Reliance Retail, the retail arm of Reliance Industries Limited. Reliance Retail is the largest retail chain in India and is set to expand even further in the upcoming years.  
Technology is getting exciting in recent times, evolving at a rapid pace which requires you to get comfortable with these changes to make your life less complicated, so hop on to the Reliance Digital Xpress and experience Technology much easier than before.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bugs

Galaxy S4 has rushed through "shipped" figures reaching 6 million in 15 days, and early adopters have started reporting bugs like overheating cases, battery drain and most common one is the camera bug that freezes the phone and causing phone to reboot.

If you can manage to use Better Battery Stats app to understand what are the processes/wakelocks causing actual battery drain on your S4, it is a good app to use, else if you prefer simple data on battery draining apps try Wakelock Detector

Excessive over heating needs attention and fixed on time with replacement if required, do not play around till your phone gets damaged.

Coming down to Camera Bug, try this option on your S4 going into Settings - More - Developer Options (Enable this section clicking on it 7 times) - Scroll down to Apps section - Limit background processes - Select "at most 4 processes"

Screenshots below

This is a kind of temporary solution that worked for me worth trying until Samsung comes up with a proper fix in any next firmware update.

BTW, Google announced availability of Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock android going on sale in US in June'13, really doubtful if Samsung would allow Google to put this handset on sale in India else it would be a great alternative to get rid of Touchwiz bloatware which has eaten up a lot of internal storage memory.
***Jun'13 Update:JDQ39.I9500XXUBMEA Firmware***
After upgrading my S4 with the above mentioned Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Firmware version, my phone has crashed twice. Once when I switched it off on low battery and powered it again for charging it frooze on boot animation screen and I had to perform a hard reset, 2nd time it happened due to a flash light app that got stuck and after rebooting same issue.
One thing to note is that this firmware version does not increase the internal storage size from 8.83 GB to beyond 9 GB, it only updates internal available memory to 8.90 GB. Camera bug issue seems to be fixed now and OS seems more responsive and fluid.
I noticed good standby battery back up with regular use on my phone though after the firmware upgrade, screen below.