Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Create your own nametag on the Internet

A lot of internet users these day's find themselves entangled in building the REAL persona of themselves on the internet, and end up with fragmented pieces of their self identity through multiple social networking site accounts, so here's Hi I'm, a social network aggregating service that consolidates the different fragments of your persona that are scattered across social networks. it refreshes the content updated by you across your social networking profiles, you can put a link to your YouTube profile, Linked in id, Twitter Id, Flickr Photos

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Derogatory Ad Campaign: Tata Photon Plus

I spotted this ad campaign playing on rediff site today, while i was logged in to my mail box, i am baffled with the intention of above advertisement, it portrays a maid quoting that " I carry Shiney's number", now does this mean that Shiney has got popular amongst maid's for the heinous act he did with his maid, or does the above ad signify something else, don't know, but surely this incident is something that should not be joked about or portrayed in ads in this way.

I found this AD offending so thought of putting it across, what is your view on this, kindly post your comments