Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Printer that Re-Prints and without Ink

Printer companies are known for sucking good amount of money from consumers for the printer ink, to the fact that printer ink is costlier than Human Blood, you may want to thank this company: Sanwa Newtec which has come out with a Printer that not only functions without the printer Ink but also re-prints paper, that's a real cool invention and i doubt this company would really be able to launch this product successfully, since the corporate sharks would already be working out their tactics to pull down such product from the market before it gains a stronghold amogst corporate and household users.

Check the video below and you can read more about this company and their product here


Love at first sight: Really Powerful

A nice video for those who believe that Love in First sight can be very strong enough, this video has good CG rendering of the glass effects, ends with a really nice feeling, one of a kind video i would have seen in a long time.

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Now you can eat your rice without cooking

Indian Scientists from Assam Agricultural University have developed a Rice Breed that does not require cooking, it can be eaten simply after being soaked in water and would definitely help save fuel and an important breakthrough for the poor in India, it's called Aghoni Bora and after you soak it in water it's ready to eat in 45 minutes, i can imagine how useful it can be for disaster relief purpose like in Haiti, where people would be in dire need of food right now. 

One more reason for Beer Lovers to Cheers!

Two researchers from University of California claim that Beer is good for body, and that Barley beer is better than wheat beer, read more on this here

Amazing LG Viewty AD

Check out this cool ad of LG Viewty a good flip book animation Advertisement

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Check this video which is a stop-motion flip book animation made by an art student Jamie Bell, it took him 3 weeks to make it out of 2000 pages of notebook paper and ink pens, i like the effort put in by this artist, wonder why we never thought of such things when we made animated flip books back in our childhood.