Monday, September 10, 2012

Chevrolet Beat 2013 launch campaign

Chevrolet is running an ad campaign for promoting the launch of 2013 Spark, branded as Beat in India. Hatchback cars are not so popular in USA, however the launch campaign seems pretty impressive and General Motors seems to have designed the ad campaign as "we are importing our export" and loved by lot of car enthusiasts, I can certainly vouch for that claim!

Check out this infographic which compares Chevrolet Spark with a mid sized 1973 sedan from USA, which is an attempt to change the image of "bigger the better" which applies to car buying trend which consumers in USA have stuck to for quiet long time.

I saw another promotional content on GM Canada portal which reads as "The World through the Windshield of a Mini-Car" which has a high-res image outlining global presence of Chevrolet's Spark in various countries. Link to this page here

I liked the front grill design of the 2013 Spark and the infotainment features that come equipped with the new model brings in additional appeal to the futuristic design of this car which is still fresh, hope Chevy thinks about a pepped up version for Indian markets to soon, and yes the new alloys are definitely drool worthy.

Check out the advertisement campaign uploaded by Chevrolet on their YouTube channel

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