Saturday, December 26, 2020

Nuketown'84 Holiday Map Gameplay Mashup - Black Ops Cold War


Gameplay mashup of different multiplayer matches on Nuketown'84 Holiday Map from Call Of Duty - Black Ops Cold War. 

Weapons Load-outs

- Gallo SA12 Shotgun 

- Armadillo, AK-74U Assault Rifle Blueprint 

- Stone's Throw, Milano SMG Blueprint 

Console - Xbox Series X


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Landscape photos - Throwback Travel

Sharing some edits of travel pictures from the 2018 Bhandardara Trip, people have started going out to undertake travel, defying the fear of COVID. I took the last vacation outing in March 2020, just before the lock down was implemented in India.

Personally, I am still not able to muster the courage to go on a short break with the family as a new strain of the COVID virus is spreading across the globe at a time when we are yet to recover from the initial aftermath of the global pandemic.