Saturday, July 22, 2006

Finally, Superman Returns!

It was time this superhero finally got a comeback, i had seen Christopher reeve as superman and had very faint memories of this superhero in my mind, as i grew up in awe of batman series, the master director Tim Burton, till the time batman movies got fancy and to the extent batman costumes became more girly, till the time Gorge Clooney acted in the last disaster flick.

I purely wanted to watch superman to see what this invincible character movie could offer, with Kevin spacey being the perfect match for the arch rival of superman, Lex Luthor. The movie revolves around how superman is gone for long, as he finds out that some astronomer had found remains of his home planet, thinking that he may find something superman finds nothing but ruins of his planet.

The opening sequence is awesome, would have looked celestial in a IMAX dome theatre, I am actually planning to re-watch this movie at ADLABS Dome Theatre in Mumbai. I had just seen Bryan Singer's X-men the last stand few weeks back, and I noticed that this director is technically a wizard, he does not give emphasis to special effects in his movies, but uses them as an advantage to the story, or you can say in better words, compliment the story.

Coming back to the movie, our superhero makes a comeback joins daily planet office as Clark Kent, to discover that his love interest, Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) is being married and has a kid, she still has the same passion to work as she had before and she is married to cousin of Perry white, of daily planet, Richard white. The flashback scenes of Clark Kent at small’ Ville are very much authentic and give you that 70's feeling.

While out here Lex Luthor digs out superman’s hideout far away in a polar region and discovers secrets and gets in some crystals which form landmass when dropped in water, now Lex Luthor tries it for once and a small bit of crystal creates electro magnetic disturbance all around the city also failing a test launch of a shuttle attached to a aircraft with Lois lane onboard, it is here where our superhero is given a magnificent comeback. I loved the way our superhero cushions the plane back in a baseball stadium amidst an ongoing match, with the whole stadium erupting in applause.

The director has definitely told the superman story his way, adding more of romantic element to superman's life some scenes are really magnificent, a moment where Superman takes Lois on arial ride through the city, When she clings on to superman, and he flies up past the Daily Planet Office globe, flying her close to water surface where Lois watches both of their reflection in the water.

These are few touching moments of the movie, also Lois still deep within her heart loves superman, but has learned to move on, and in his absence she also gives up on superman, writing off his need to the world, the movie is two and a half hour long, and actually after Lex gets defeated at hands of superman, movie was dragged at the end, some hints are left by the director probably Lois Lane's son is probably superman's child.

Watch this movie for great direction, amazing effects that compliment the movie's story, Brandon Routh has done a decent job of a superhero, i still cannot forget the bullet -time scene of point blank shot in superman's eye. Kevin spacey excels in his role as a loveable baddy; he could have being given more to perform with some more quick and witty one-liners from him. Kate Bosworth delivers perfectly as Lois Lane and even superman is faced with the same question at a point in the movie as to save a city in danger or protect his love interest. Similar to the dilemma faced by Spiderman for Mary Jane.

In the end, Lois ask's "Would we see you again?" Superman replies “I will be always around", he flies off.

The movie has good background score of John Ottoman, and the superman theme originally composed by John Williams still sounds very fresh and lingers in your mind right from your childhood.

So we finally have all three superheroes Batman, Superman & Spiderman back in business and raking the moolah for Hollywood, as its not just that these characters are admired by kids, but they still help us re-discover the kid in us, who once used to read these superhero comics, watched their cartoons, and today the same adult wants to re-live that experience on the big screen....

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