Saturday, June 24, 2006

Say Hello to the Telephone Bag

If you have trouble remembering your mobile but always carry your bag then why not combine the two with the 1970’s Telephone Bag.

The telephone bag is a fully working phone, though it’s not really a mobile as it does require a jack to connect. The handset also functions as the bags handle whilst the front of the bag contains the buttons you’d expect on a normal phone.

Not a mock-up, not a Photoshop project, not a character from the upcoming live-action Transformers movie — this bag really is a fully functional telephone. It kind of sucks that it's not actually a cell phone; it's a regular phone that you need to plug into a landline, but I guess it predates all that wireless business. The kitschy caller costs $295, and it also comes in black. Still, you have to wonder who played matchmaker between the beautiful-yet-innocent handbag and the ruggedly handsome telephone, whose union produced this container-communicator hybrid, but they really have to be stopped before they discover the USB-device market. Too late!

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