Monday, October 22, 2012

Taking the wind out of bollywood romance

It seems the entire galaxy of Bollywood big wigs is imploding into an unknown abyss this year, Yash Chopra is that shining star that took away all that remaining force of brilliance as he passed away yesterday. He was not just the King of Romance as known to most movie goers.

Apart from making some movies ahead of his time, he also worked hard to keep the business of movies profitable for people associated with it, from a generation of single screen cinema which evolved to multiplex movie going experience, there is probably anything to do with cinema he may not be related to. Foundation of YRF studios and production banner paved way for promoting new talent and making movies that did not just stick to the theme of romance.

Here are few lines of tribute by me for this wonderful producer and director whose contribution to Indian cinema would not be forgotten in years to come, RIP Yash Chopra


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