Monday, June 04, 2012

The Girl Epidemic - Soul Stirring Ad Campaign

Satyamev Jayate began on a high note exposing the known but dark truth of our country, Female Foeticide, beyond the killing of female fetus, at every stage of her life a girl child is subjected to hardships, discrimination and second grade treatment from society across all masses and classes, religion and castes, in order to deal with this situation we have a lot of NGO's and Private companies joining hands together and fighting for the cause of women.

One such name emerges in the form of The Girl Epidemic Campaign which is being supported by the NGO Nanhi Kali, dedicated to the cause of education for underprivileged girl child in India and by Mahindra Foundation. This public service ad campaign was shot by Ad Agency Strawberry Frog along with photographer Indrani from Aerofilm who have projected the atrocities committed against girls as an epidemic in a shaky footage style direction that works well with the theme, all they wanted to do is to help raising money to educate young girls by using creativity and innovation.

The Girl Epidemic Site allows you to donate as minimum of a Pencil set for $3 up to a complete package of school requirements for $97, kindly help spreading the word about this site and provide whatever support you can lend towards this cause. Watch the campaign video below

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