Sunday, June 03, 2012

Want to get serious with your workouts?

If your fitness plans keep flying out of the window, and the couch potato feeling takes over all your motivation to stick to workout plans which looked promising while joining the nearest gym, you surely would be eager to try something which would get you back on that treadmill and get sweating.

A lot of us using smartphones now have a plethora of options in health and fitness based apps that are loaded with features which track your physical activity, allow sharing of achievements with friends on social networks, reward you with virtual badges on accomplishing your fitness goals, sometimes even this is not enough to get people exercising for their own benefit.

You now have that last chance of making good use of your gym membership. GymPact is a service that utilizes the gamification approach with real money that would get any fitness atheist on his feet working out to save his money. GymPact aims to incentivize your exercise commitments by engaging users to dedicate a minimum 30 minute workout per week and be ready to shell out $5 through your credit card in case you fail to meet this target, so where does the money from defaulters go? it pays up the one's who fulfill their exercise schedule. This service was launched by Harvard students Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer, they have got a good response to this service garnering 20,000 users within 2 weeks of launch. They were expecting a slightly longer break even period of around 6 months, which was achieved in just 1 month of launch.

You can sign up to this service online or download the iPhone app, GymPact is aiming to increase reach of this service by tying up with corporate partners, I feel this is really an innovative service of getting people on the right track with their fitness, on the lighter side of this service I think it's true that guys get jitters with the word "Commitment", however an equal fear of losing money on their credit cards would linger on their minds similar to the situation when they go out shopping with their girlfriends or spouse which is enough to get them serious with their fitness, ladies are you listening to this!

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