Thursday, June 07, 2012

A Challenger in making for Ultrabooks and Netbooks

Intel has being throwing weight behind ultrabook promotions off late and netbook manufacturers are still battling with tablets to survive in the race of portable computing, Asus came up with Transformer Prime to set a new trend in tablet computing.

There are many companies which thrive on iPad accessory market manufacturing portable computing cases one such company CalmCase has come up with an innovative concept of giving you ClamBook which is a laptop dock that would be powered by your Android or iPhone, you get a MacBook Air style device which is made of Aluminum. Their website does not mention about the exact screen size, however it has a 16:9 aspect screen with cinematic sound, ClamBook supports keypad gestures and shortcut keys for Android phone and sweetens the deal further for Motorola based phones that would support Motorola's webtop app.

Your phone is connected with a MHL cable that would allow ClamBook to draw processing power from the phone without draining battery of your handset and charging it parallelly,with Microsoft planning to launch MS Office for Android and iOS by the end of this year, this gadget looks to be a good proposition for computing on the go, with basic apps, browser and increasing muscle power of smartphone processors, ClamBook would work seamlessly with smartphones without the need of worrying anymore about finding a solution for meeting your basic computing  requirements, Portable gaming from your phone would also be an interesting possibility to explore on ClamBook because the quality of games for mobile phones is also evolving faster that we could have though.

ClamBook is not available to buy right now, expected to be launched towards this year end, I would be looking forward to this one, do you think this could be a breakthrough device to challenge the rise of Ultrabooks and future of Netbooks.

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