Saturday, February 23, 2013

Exploring Kutch: Through the sands of time

Kutch's Rann Utsav has found significant popularity amongst travellers across India and other countries, I have not seen a proper travel documentary until now on this yearly festival which has a lot to offer and allows the tourists to experience life of people in Kutch along with regular sightseeing and other excursions included in the tour.

This documentary by Dhiraj Singh is first amongst the series of travel episodes from Fair's of India, which is centred around the rann utsav in kutch, while it also takes you into the world of artisans who have kept the tradition of local craft alive, a lot of embroidery work done by these local villagers takes months and years to make and their hard work reflects in the quality of final product.
Kutchi people are recognised for their business acumen, however very less was known until recent years about the region in Gujarat where they come from, If you plan to visit Kutch, Winter season is the best time to visit post Diwali festival. Fair's of India is currently airing on Lok Sabha TV, next up is Pushkar Festival of Rajasthan.

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