Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clinics opening up to treat Social Media Addiction

Social Media addiction related cases keep springing up in the news, now many clinics have being coming up in UK to treat this behaviour, symptoms which we do not even think could place us in an addict category. What may thought was a passing phase in the world of technology has found a deep place in our day to day life to an extent even changing the way we grieve 

Read about a self confessed smartphone addict: Martha Roberts

In my observation Twitter has being a platform where some users keep tweeting every 10/15 mins, about every damn thing they are doing today. It gives them a high and they feel like celebs when followers re-tweet or comment on their tweets. Few days back Salman Khan's single word tweet "Hi" gathered so many retweets in few minutes goes to show what level of time are we wasting on stuff that does not require attention.

Leave your comments if you agree that excessive tweeting, Facebook status check and posting is going to cost us dear and probably change the way we interact with people around us socially while we are out.

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