Tuesday, September 25, 2012

History behind design of Bat Suits

Batman as a comic book character has come across generations and has donned many suits from the time it has made an appearance in movies, Batman's character has being envisioned in different forms in both motion pictures when it first began it's journey on the big screen in 1940 and different versions of animated series across various countries.

I grew up watching Tim Burton's Batman on VHS tapes during my summer vacations and could not get enough of the dark gothic set up in which those stories were told, moving on to the forgettable adaption of Joel Schumacher's bat movies, Christopher Nolan breathed fresh life into this character keeping it as realistic as possible and bringing the vulnerability back to Batman's character which went missing.

Batman cannot be a match to gadget and techno bling of Tony Stark aka Iron Man, however the master of dark has enough tricks up the sleeve to hunt the bad guys in the night while protecting Gotham city.

Read this article from nVision app site which goes through the entire history of Bat Suits and another video feature from YouTube that discusses same topic

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