Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creating Sensation, Gangnam Style

A viral music video from Korean artist PSY has become a global craze, "Gangnam Style" has garnered more than 220 million likes qualifying for a Guinness record. With such hot presence on the web, there are a number of parody videos surfacing on the YouTube mimicking the original number, in fact a dance face off on this song turned into a gun fight battle between two rival gangs in Thailand

If you wondered what could be the lyrics to this catchy song, here's a link to the entire song lyrics translated to English. This song is actually a satire poking fun at the wealthiest district of Korea by the name Gangnam, and Oppa means "Older Brother", maybe a satire song on Bandra, Mumbai would be worth attempting on these lines. I personally feel there is a good amount of Bollywood dance style touch to the choreography in this video.

Take a look at Han Solo treatment to the Gangnam Style video

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